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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PAYOT Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream & CICAEXPERT Launching Event

Hello lovelies! 
Have you heard of PAYOT
Honestly, I've never heard of it but my mum heard about this brand which is pretty famous in France and across Europe, because I showed this product to her and she goes like "I know this brand!" without any hesitation. 

Recently, Payot launched their new BB cream and CicarGel Scar Treatment. I will explain the Cicar Gel Treatment later, but first - their latest newly launched BB Cream. 

Payot had launched their Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream which is available in 2 shades which is Light 01 and Medium 02 with both SPF 15 PA+++
The french lady on the poster looks so feminine and sophisticated, agree? 

Here's a commercial video of her talking about the BB Cream - sorry, I can't make the video in the center. 

Let me explain a little brief about this BB Cream. 

Payot unites its expertise with leading-edge technology to unveil a brand new 5-in-1 complexion perfecter; which could be a daily care with mineral pigments that melts on the skin in a single step for an instant "perfect" effect. This product is a hydrating and antioxidant cream that gives your skin a fresh glow which is suitable for today's everyday lifestyle. Which they mentioned it as a "second skin". This BB Cream belongs to the PAYOT family of Les Hydro-Nutritives which is a rich-textured face care that provides hydration and long-lasting comfort. Yes, it's suitable for all skin types. :D

You must be wondering, any other benefits? 
Of course, here's the list of them. 

  1. Ensures 24-Hour Hydration: Hydro-Dermo Regulating Complex (maintains moisture level, prevent moisture loss and has anti aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
  2. Unifies the complexion 
  3. Corrects fine lines & imperfections 
  4. Revives radiance
  5. Protects against UV Rays

The swatch on my hand is Light 01
Here's a before and after - the after result is on my right hand
the result was obvious by looking with our naked eyes, brighter and less fine lines. Sorry for the lighting. 

Another main product that PAYOT launched was their Cicar Gel Scar Treatment which is more widely known as CICAEXPERT which is specializes on treating scars and altered skin by giving a repair and reconstructs for healthier and radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types. Payot has came out with a DR PAYOT SOLUTION Emergency Care which is mainly for targeted, immediate and effective response systems to the skin's specific needs. 

CICAEXPERT is a speed recovery skincare that is treated and repairs damaged skin which is ideal for: 
  1. Punctual trauma, pains in everyday life, after drying of the wound (lacerations, abrasions)
  2. External irritants - dry patches, chapping and scratches (cold, drought)
  3. After Surgery (post-operation, post-suturing, biopsies)
  4. Treatments with aesthetic medicine such as peeling, laser, dermabrasion, permanent waxing, tattoos and removal tattoos.
Unfortunately, it does NOT WORK for blemish scars and long period scar.  

CICAEXPERT Functions: 
  • Regenerating Effect - promotes skin reconstruction and activating skin proteins to restore skin tissue quality
  • Healing Effect
  • Soothing and Moisturizing Effect 

The texture of the CICAEXPERT is a thick and rich fiuld cream which fully absorbed onto the skin

Here's a clinical tests that shown during the event
 More info about the CICAEXPERT

A lovely lady with a heavy french accent, Miss Aurelia Lebouc who was Payot's International Trainer. Merci pour le partage :D 

Here's a group of the Lilac Bloggers with Ky-gan (the only male in this picture) :P

Finally, all of us were served with a lovely lunch in Delicious. 
Duck Confeti Spaghettini - my dish
Spicy Seafood Spagettini - swee san's dish

To end this post; I've appiled PAYOT Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream in LIGHT 01 that day and I can say my face looks more radiant and it does gives a glow onto my skin! It's lightweight and gives a natural medium coverage and what I love the most is that this BB Cream lasts whole day! :D
Grabbed from my Instagram (@angelineng92)

For any information go visit their social sites; 

Merci d'avoir lu!  

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