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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Official Launch w/ Beauty Bloggers @ Fahrenheit 88

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure you've heard about My Beauty Diary or have tried My Beauty Diary Masks aka King Of Masks since it's already popular throughout Asia as these masks are suitable Asian skin which contains natural ingredients and had proven effective on TV shows especially been featured in famous Taiwanese Variety Show, 女人我最大 (nu ren wo zui da). If you're a mask junkie, this is might be your heaven. It's affordable and effective! 

Even Taiwanese actress like Da S (Barbie Hsu) & Xiao S (Dee Hsu) recommended My Beauty Diary masks! 
My Beauty Diary had just recently launched their latest masks on their list, My Beauty Diary Eye Masks! I'm pretty sure everyone love eye masks, as our eyes needed to get rid of those dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness! 
There's 3 types of eye masks which shown with different colours of packaging. Each of My Beauty Diary eye masks has different functions which contains different ingredients and also different pattern masks! 

  1. Puffiness Intensive Eye Mask (butterfly shape) - enriched with Vitamin B5 & P to soothe skin surrounding eye area and reduce its puffiness. 
  2. Dark Circles Eye Mask (little fish shape) - enriched with Vitamin C & B3 to brighten the dark circle and provide moisture to the skin surrounding the eye area.
  3. Smoothness Eye Mask (flower petal shape) - enriched with Vitamin A & B5 to nourishes and reduce the appearance of fine lines surrounding the eye area. 
The reason why they indicate different type of eye masks is because each of them are specifically designed for different types of "eye" problems - like dark circles and etc (you get what I mean) to improve eye areas. 

Each box contains 5 packs of eye masks and it costs only RM29.90 ( it's really affordable!) :D

While they launched the eye mask, My Beauty Diary also introduced their 5 continents of  2 Step Masks which contains 5 varieties, each featuring ingredients that are best associated with the continent while addressing skin concerns.  

The meaning of 2 Step Mask are that each pack will be given a mask for each skin concerns while there's a emulsion or cream that is prepared for you to apply right after applying mask to lock the moisture!
There's 5 types of 2 Steps Masks: 
  1. Oceania Firming Pack - hydrating & firming 
  2. Europe Clarifying Pack - brightening & refine clarifying 
  3. America Soothing Pack - soothing & moisturizing 
  4. Asia Brightening Pack - translucent rosy & brightening 
  5. Africa Hydrating Pack - hydrating, moisturizing & water retention
Each of them costs RM49.90 that comes in 8 packs. (omg, srsly affordable @.@)

Here's an article that is listed the suitable My Beauty Diary Masks for different skin types :D

One of My Beauty Diary consultant gave me a super adorable mini sheet mask while giving an brief explanation about the Eye mask series while I was looking at the masks and he told me that each mask given is really moisturizing which hydrates your skin and feeling refresh after using them and it has a nice refreshing fruity scent for all My Beauty Diary masks! 
The mini mask is so stinkingly adorable that I think little squirrel can use it haha :P

During the event, there's a quiz session whereby each winner will get a mini prize (products are only available in Taiwan, not Malaysia) after answering those simple questions about My Beauty Diary Masks. I won the 2nd question :P 
I will show you later what I got by the end of the post! :)
Excited bloggers :P

I met a few of beauty bloggers during the event! 
2nd time meeting Sheirly - I met her at Topshop Pool Party
The most vibrant and cheeky blogger with colourful hair - Chency 
(she took my pictures for OOTD! Look out at the end of the post!)
Fish, Chency and Yours Truly :D
Sheirly, Farisha and mua! ( bad hair day!)
Group picture with the Butterflies! 

Full group picture with all the beauty bloggers!

Here's what I got from the event! 
Inside the goodie bag, I got the eye mask series, 2 step masks, Blooming Beauty Japanese Hydragen Mask and Blooming Beauty Cassis & Rose Body Lotion! My Beauty Diary is so generous! Gracias! 

On the same day, I tried Dark Circles Eye Mask as my major problem is my super dark eye circles due to sleeping utterly late and this sheet mask is quite thick as it keeps all the fluid with tons of moisture and while applying the mask, it's pretty cooling as you can literally sleep with the mask! :D 
The mask with little fish shape are designed to covers the whole eye area especially the dark circles to brighten and hydrates the surrounding of the eye area. After 15 - 20 mins, the remaining fluid absorbed pretty quick as my eyes felt refreshed and it does work it's job by brighten my eyes and less dark circles. No more tired eyes!
Tip for masks: Before you use the mask, store it at the refrigerator for about 1 or 2 hours for the fluid to get cool and icy which will gives extra boosting of cooling & soothing effect for your eyes as our eyes need the cooling effect. That's why you use a pack of ice to reduce the bruise on your skin. :)

Lately, My Beauty Diary also introduced Face Q Hand and Foot Masks as our hand and foot need a gulp of water because those 2 parts gave the most movement and we usually neglected our hands and foot as we just showered them with soap without any further care. So, it's time to pamper them! :D

The mask contains moisturizing milk that is enriched with vitamins and natural botanical extracts by helping them to soothe, brighten and reduce dead skin cells. 
RM 13.90 for 10 Packs! What. So cheap!!

 Here's other various range of masks from My Beauty Diary 

Since the My Beauty Diary Eye Masks just launched, they are having a "My Beautiful Eyes Contest" from 20th June till 4th August 2013 and all you have to do is follow these steps that is stated from the picture below! 

For more info click here.
Grand Prize is iPad Mini and 1 month supply of eye masks worth RM180!! Wow I want!! :D

My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Series and other range of masks is currently available at SASA and Guardian
For more information log on to My Beauty Diary Facebook Page

Here's a gif from few shots taken by Chency, right after the event. 
Check out the pictures here!

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