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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lilac Exclusive: FLASH By Jimmy Choo Fragrance @ View Rooftop Bar, G Tower

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty lucky because I'm invited exclusively from the Lilac Team (again!) to attend a FLASH by Jimmy Choo event at G tower. I don't need to explain who's Jimmy Choo because he's worldwide famous for the most glamorous and gorgeous shoes! 

Behind The Story Of FLASH
Anticipation.  Build-up.  Excitement. Those heartbeat moments every woman feels whilst getting ready to go out for an evening of unadulterated fun. That’s where this story begins. Introducing FLASH, the second fragrance from Jimmy Choo.  

Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi had a distinct vision for the Jimmy Choo FLASH muse and the emotions she wanted the fragrance to evoke. 
According to Choi, “FLASH is about the cool rush of excitement and the sense of power a woman feels when dressed in a pair of sexy shoes. Its character, which is both heady and effervescent, captures this perfectly.”
FLASH is a solar floral, based around a bouquet of white flowers. It is both effervescent and sensual and evokes the promise, excitement and high octane atmosphere of going out. FLASH is about the thrill of the red carpet, the fun of the nightclub, the glamour of dressing up. It captures a moment of sheer hedonism where adrenalin and confidence collide.

Encased in a luxurious, shimmering, crystal faceted bottle, reminiscent of a paparazzi flash bulb, FLASH is for the glamorous, urban woman. At once provocative and a little bit naughty, she challenges convention; she’s a risk taker, charming, audacious and magnetic.
The Story Behind The Bottle
 “We see fragrance as another accessory, we want women to feel as excited as they do when they buy a pair of shoes or a handbag,” says Choi.
The bottle was inspired by a modernist chandelier from the 1970s, and references a palette of crystal, lucite and metal.In keeping with the FLASH story, it was designed to play with light and gives a shimmering mesmerising effect. Its angular, architectural flacon, seems encrusted with small glass studs on three sides.

Recreating the reflection of a crystal, the bottle’s faceted cap has a sleek metal band, adding to its luxurious finish. The colour of the bottle takes its inspiration from the ultraviolet lights of a nightclub and alludes to the flash of a paparazzi bulb. It is at once cool and electric.

The glittering box has an almost diamond like lustre, and when it hits the light, it is like a million miniature paparazzi flashbulbs. The sparkling finish also reflects the effervescent spirit of the fragrance itself. 

Honestly, I've never been to any luxury pubs and this is my first time in View Bar at G Tower. Yes, I heard from my friends that it's a high end pub which is located at the highest floor. What I heard is that the pub are only allowed for 21 years and above. By the way, I'm going 21.....this September...but I'm allowed to go in. :P
The view was gorgeous with vibrant atmosphere and panoramic view of the city with a surprise degree of intimacy. I've never reach this high before especially during the night. Isn't beautiful? 
Check out the gigantic FLASH Jimmy Choo fragrance on the corner and yes, it's a real bottle. 

Me & Carolyn - surprisingly both of us wear black and white! 

Basically, this whole event was a just a chill out with the bloggers and Lilac fans and also the Lilac Team! Let's a have glass of Absolute Vodka Punch! Cheers! :D
Of course, must selca la :P

Met two gorgeous bloggers!  - Swee San & Kay 

I'm pretty sure everyone didn't expect me to bring my mum :P she likes going this kind of events with me for chill out and release stress from work :3 Some bloggers thought she was one of the Lilac bloggers. Yes, she's very flattered. lol

Met Sarah and her bf too! :D

All of us spend the whole night drinking and chatting, it was really chill and fun night :) 

There's yummy food served too! But most of us spend drinking more :P

Mum, Rane, Sharon - three of them talking throughout the night
Finally, a snap with me :3
Group shot of all of us - Taken from The Lilac box Facebook Page 

Received a little gift from Jimmy Choo - FLASH Fragrance it's in 40ml - soooo mini! 

The Fragrance Scent 
FLASH is a white floral with a character that is effervescent, carnal and provocative. The perfumer, Christine Nagel says, “I created FLASH for the self-confident, urban Jimmy Choo woman: sexy, rebellious and sophisticated. I imagined the sound of her heels, clicking on the streets of New York, London and Paris.”

The fragrance opens with pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry, for a fresh, sparkling introduction. As these glittering top notes evaporate, heart notes of strong, exotic white flowers, with a tuberose signature enriched with notes of jasmine and white lily, reveal a heady, sexy character. A base of white, powdery woods gives a lasting impression that is both seductive and sensual, but never too much. “As a brand, Jimmy Choo is so resolutely feminine that the perfume had to have a sensual background. I used white woods, a contemporary note that gives a feminine, sophisticated touch but maintains luminosity,” says Nagel.

“Christine Nagel is a modern artist in fragrance. Her olfactory vernacular is the definition of cool, but her sensibility is always ultra-feminine and luxurious,” says Choi.

My opinion about FLASH: Three things I can describe about this fragrance - luxurious, sensual and sophisticatedI'm began to love this fragrance because the scent is so soft and sweet, but not overly sweet. Just pleasantly delicious. Reminds me of a glamorous lady walking down to Eiffel Tower during twilight. Definitely, long lasting as it is EDP. 
There's 3 sizes of FLASH fragrance currently available in counters: 

Eau de Parfum 100ml        RM378  (WM)     RM396  (EM)
Eau de Parfum 60ml          RM288  (WM)     RM302  (EM)
Eau de Parfum 40ml          RM176  (WM)     RM185  (EM)

OOTD of the night 
Coat: Mum's 
Peplum dress: F Block
Heels: Forever 21
Necklace: Dazzling Couture

For more information go to these social sites: 

Comment down below, if you have sniff FLASH Fragrance I would love to hear from you! 

Till then, 


  1. Cool site, fun party! Thanks to the intro to a new fragrance... can't wait to try it out :)
    Rock ya self out gurl!

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun there, Angeline! And your mum looks surprisingly young too :O Stay gorgeous! xx

    Celyx Lim

    1. It was indeeed a chill and fun night! You too my dear! xx

  3. what a fun time! The fragrance looks lush!

    1. The design of the bottle is looking pretty posh that it looks like a chandelier :)

  4. Yeah it was fun and really chill out. Nice meeting you again pretty Angeline :)

    1. I always meet you like almost most events lately :P



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