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Monday, July 29, 2013

I got my Celcom PortaWiFi for FREE!

Hello lovelies! It's Bulan Ramadan now! You know what it means, there will be yummy Ramadan bazaar food during this month! Until last Sunday morning, I just randomly came into a conversation with my cousin about where to get the best Malay Ramadan food because I was craving for yummy Malay food. I was told by my cousin that there's a super long Ramadan bazaar in TTDI where you can get the best yummiest and most variety food where you can get anything to everything! So, I just told her, LET'S GO! I'm hungry as hell during that evening. 

Thankfully it's Sunday and it's not jam at all! Easy to find a parking space and food too :P hehe
 Credit picture:

While I was walking along the bazaar, I stumbled upon a funny blue sign on top of the car and the logo reminds me of Wifi and it written on the car, "WiFi your car with FREE PortaWifi" Wait. What. It's free???? Couldn't believe my eyes. o.o
 I randomly went forward and find out what the signboard mentioned about this FREE PortaWifi o.o

Celcom PortaWifi 3 in 1 - you can connect WiFi on the car, house and your laptop! Wow Awesome! 

 Suddenly, this blue guy came out of nowhere and it does surprised me! haha! He's all blue, suit up and glittery

He literally stand there like a statue and the crowd went forward and took a picture of the blue man and little kids went took a picture with him too! haha
Of course, following everyone taking a snap with this blue guy and so, why not? I took a picture along with my little cousin (not so small anymore T-T she's so tall now!) 
Coincidentally, both of us wore mustache tees! :D 
I asked them what's about the FREE Celcom PortaWifi and one of the 2 Celcom ladies show me the plan and explained the packages are available with as low as RM68! That's pretty a good deal! 
Finally, she gave me a flyer and told me I was pretty lucky that day because I get to reedem PortaWifi FOR FREE. Yesssss. But, in condition of first 500 people and I need to collect at the selected Blue Cube (Celcom's Exclusive Service Centres). So, tomorrow morning I have to wake up super duper early to get this FREEBIE! When it comes to free stuff, I wouldn't miss it HEHE I think I'm more excited than the food LOL

I think I'm pretty lucky that day because most of the bloggers are getting their hands on with this FREE Porta Wifi which they got from selected tolls and unexpectedly, it appeared at the bazaar! I'm following the FREE PortaWifi trend :P

The next day - which means today! Woke up early and headed to Blue Cube outlet at Gardens, Mid Valley branch to reedem the FREE PortaWiFi! 
Here I am at the Blue Cube! Surprisingly, the service is pretty good as one of the staff greeted and asked me, "What can I do for you?" I just showed him the flyer I gotten from the bazaar. He kindly escorted me to the counter and he asked to present my identity card and driving license for registration for the PortaWiFi. 
He key-in my details on the computer and he gave me the PortaWiFi and all is done in 5 mins! It's pretty quick and not to mention, good service too! :D 
Oh, by the way - I didn't pay a single cent. 

Here's what's inside the goodies I got! 
 I got a Sim Card ( blue card) and a box of Celcom Porta Wifi :D

Just to let you know, I saw a receipt and I saw this whole device costs about RM199! 
And I got this for FREE. OMG. CELCOM is too generous! T-T  
Just to let you know, there's no fixed contract when I'm getting this FREE PortaWifi, I can unsubscribe if I want to :) Celcom is giving us 1 month trial to try on this awesome device! 

Inside the box, there's a 3-pin adapter and also in-car adapter! 

Inside the dongle, there's 2 slots inside - Sim Card slot & Memory Card slot where you can used as a storage USB device that you can store up to 32GB! That's pretty convenient, isn't cool? :D  

If you didn't get a chance to grab a flyer but you're keen to get the PortaWifi. Let me tell you, it's a best time to grab one before Hari Raya! 

Here's the benefits that you can enjoy: 

  • Share WiFi access with up to 5 devices at once
  • Surf at speeds up to 21Mbps 
  • Get up to 10GB data 
  • With widest coverage of the fastest network!

Celcom is having a HUGE PROMOTION where you can get Free PortaWifi when you sign up one of their Celcom First Data Plan which you can enjoy a total rebate up to RM120 on your monthly bills! 
For more best promotions, click here to find out! Serious guys, don't miss out! 

With this Celcom PortaWiFi, you can have WIFI anywhere - literally on the go! 
You can connect WiFi laptop with the PortaWiFi dongle itself! 

You can just randomly use it at home, work, or Starbucks (just anywhere!) by just plug it on the wall plug! See there's a light? It's on and you can connect by just typing a password! You can use it on your smartphones, tablets and laptops too! ;D

FYI, this PortaWiFi dongle is one year warranty :D

For all my Muslim friends, better don't miss out and get this FREE PortaWiFi! You won't be bored anymore during Hari Raya. It's convenient for all of you & you can stay connected WiFi with your smartphones on your car while you're on the long hours of journey balik kampung! It's totally WIFI ON THE GO! You can share it and enjoy with your friends and family too! The internet speed is pretty smooth and fast too! :D

Do head down to the nearest Blue Cube, click here for the locations! 

Most importantly, drive safe and have a great Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance! 



  1. Hohoho we are all now portawifi-ed :D

  2. that with the car thing is really awesome.

  3. The felling was so good when I can surf the internet on the go but now the speed sucks.. I bought n sign up end of May 2013.. Only enjoyed it for the first month then it is very frustrating. Did the complaints n they said it is depends on the area where u r using it.. :(
    Anyone hvg the same problem?



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