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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to get instant longer fuller lashes? - Pink Passion

Hello lovelies! If you have followed me on my Instagram (@angelineng92), you've probably have seen this picture of me with a caption; "Today's makeup - only Payot BB Cream, concealer and filled my eyebrows! No eye makeup today! :D and lip tint too"

You guys must be wondering how can she wear her makeup without her trusty eyeliner?? Well, secret is on my lashes :D
Let's face the fact that we couldn't wait for weeks to achieve the long fuller lashes and sometimes putting on different types of lash serums daily which most of us need to be discipline to remember to apply the serum and in certain times, we tend to forget to apply them because we are not used to that routine and ended up feeling disappointed of not getting any obvious results on our lashes.

Question from the title: How to get instant long fuller lashes? 
The answer will be eyelash extensions

Yeap, it's fast and instant and it last probably about 2-3 months depending how you take care of them. Well, does the word eyelash extensions sound like a horrific dreadful experience? The answer would be absolutely, NO. I will explain a bit later about how they apply the lashes on your natural lashes. 

My knowledge about eyelash extensions was when I was about Form 5 when I met a friend who did hers at Hong Kong few years ago when eyelash extension was not so famous in Malaysia or maybe I didn't know about it lol. Until one day, my mum decided to do a eyelash extension from some beautician place in Jalan Klang Valley and it took 2-3 hours to wait for her which I fall asleep while waiting for her and she was looking super perky and pretty but on the sad note, by the time all the lashes dropped out and she realized most of her natural lashes are gone as well which she regretted of doing eyelash extensions. 

Until one day, I was approached from Pink Passion and they sponsored me to do a eyelash extension review which make me super furious because of my mum's bad experience of eyelash extension and I did asked a few of my friends who have experienced eyelash extensions and they encouraged me to do it. So, I've decided to do the eyelash extension. 

Pink Passion only specializes in eyelash extensions from Silk to Rich Lashes extensions and they have been operating for almost 6-7 years and not only that, they also provide coloured lash extension which is literally coloured lashes. O.O wow that's something I've never heard of. 

Silk eyelash extensions are semi-permanent extensions that are finer and lighter lashes which will look totally natural on your lashes while Rich eyelash extension are more thick and volumed which enhances your eyes bigger and it last long probably about 2 months or so. Here's more information about the eyelash extensions
What are eyelash extensions?  
Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic which designed to add length, thickness and fullness to your natural eyelashes, which basically replicate natural lashes. Eyelash extension are applied single strands individually on top of the natural lashes as a support to create more enhanced long, natural and beautiful lashes.    
Basically, my lashes are quite short and straight. However, they said my lashes are considered quite long as most Chinese has short lashes but I don't have long lashes just like my Indian friends T-T 

They advised me to apply natural eyelash extension as rich eyelash extension would be too overpowering for my eyes which I'm a virgin eyelash extension. :P
Firstly, they put a piece of masking tape to prevent the eyelash glue stings on my eyes and also protects my bottom lashes from stick together. It doesn't stings onto my eyes unless I opened my eyes tho. :/
 They applied the eyelash extension single by single which the whole process would take about an hour. They used a special of eyelash glue which is semi-permanent that will lasts about 2 months. 

As you can see the lashes comes in a bunch which creates more rich and volume with 3 different lengths that could blend well with the natural lashes, without looking fake. I was told that the lashes and the eyelash glue are in good quality as they are from Korea. 

Here's my before and after pictures.
 There's a pimple on my eyebrow....why must you be there T-T
 Can you see the criss-cross design on my lashes? Those lashes are designed to create an illusion of thick and fuller lashes and also protects the lashes from falling it off easily as it applied on top of each other. 
 My lashes become curvier and fuller as my natural lashes are short and straight. 

See? The eyelash extension created an illusion of an eyeliner on my lashes which creates bigger eyes :D 
The eyelash extensions totally saved my time and effort especially applying mascara and eyeliner, which I always wake up super late on the morning and most of the time, I don't put on makeup when there's no special occasions. Now, I have my eyelash extension done and I can just be looking pretty & fabulous going out without makeup - thanks to those lashes! 
Getting used to the lashes in first few days: 
Well, I was advised not to rub my eyes which will makes the lashes to fall easily and the first few days was a lil uncomfortable especially when I'm washing my face, because usually we tend on rub our eyes after washing our face / bathing to avoid water to touch our eyes and I can't help it but just rubbing my eyelids LOL

I've been wearing these lashes for about 2 weeks which I'm already used not to rub my eyes and it wouldn't be a problem for me especially I'm washing my face. So far, nothing has fallen out and still in a good state, just like the first day I've my eyelash extensions.

If any lashes have fallen out about 2 -3 strands or you felt uncomfortable , you can just go back to Pink Passion and get your eyelashes fixed or touch up for FREE

Some people questioned me; will the natural lashes fall as well? 
Well, honestly it will fall (just like your hair) but not entirely ALL of them but they will grow back about 60 days. The eyelash extensions will fall on its own and advised not to remove the eyelash extensions on your own, as your natural lashes will fall as well. 

Pink Passion's regular customers are mostly TV hosts, Actress, Air-stewardess and also beauty pageants whereby they need to look pretty and presentable at most times which eyelash extension are their weapon of looking beautiful. 

If you're interested about the eyelash extensions, do give Pink Passion a call . 

Good news for all of you who's reading this post! 

Pink Passion is offering a special price for all of you, which only costs ONLY RM88 instead of RM228 (N/P). Which I think it's a good deal. :D

All you have to do is print out this e-voucher or you can just simply show this e-voucher using your smartphone and you will get the special price! 

Pink Passion - The Wellness Salon 
No. 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, 
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Tel: 03 - 7805 7285

Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Visit Pink Passion Facebook Page for more updates! 



  1. wow u went for eye lashes extension too!

  2. I went for lash extensions once, and really when it fell off my lashed were BALD. So traumatized. Plus towards the end of it, the extensions became so MESSY pointing in every direction and some clumps full some parts already balding because it fell off. Oh my.

    Btw your natural lashes have a lot of volume!

    1. Thanks babe!

      Honestly, it depends on the skills of the beautician and the quality of the glue and the lashes too. It's all about their skills.

      I guess you have the same horrific experience as my mum! :/

  3. scary comment about balding eyelashes D=

    1. Yeah, depends how you look at it :P

  4. Hi angeline,
    Very interesting on your post about this eyelash extension thing which I do not dare to try even at pink passion doorstep. Just curious after two months, all of the extension lashes will fall by itself or do we need to do special removal of it?
    The extension is just by semi permanent glue? No stitches? No needles?
    After the extension, is it still possible to apply makeups or eyeshadow?

    1. Hello Shiro,
      Sometimes the lashes will fall off itself in a certain period of time if you have itchy hands that you may rub your eyes. However, it is advisable to remove the lashes with Pink Passion special removal, to avoid your natural lashes to fall. The extension is semi permanent glue and it is possible to apply makeup but the only thing that i hate is during removing makeup might be alil bit troublesome because we are trying not to avoid our extension lashes to fall / pulled. Do try it and take it as an experience! Hope this answers! :D

    2. Thanks Angeline for your clarification :)
      What is the cost of removal?
      Anyway I would like to try this. Hope the result is good ;)
      The promo of rm88 still available?
      Thank you!

    3. Zero cost for removal as the eyelash extension has already included in the package. :D

      Yes,RM88 promo is still available, before october! :D

      Don't worry, you will look fabulous with new lashes! x

    4. Thanks babe for the info :)
      I've just called to make appointment with maggie :) excited!
      Love this post for the details info.

    5. YAY! Happy for you! do mention my name ya! x

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Hello Shiro,

      I'm truly sorry to hear your disappointment review about extension lashes that you did. However, my experience was totally different that what you've experienced and she did mention that the glue does sting a little when you tried to open your eyes. Anyways, I just talk with the owner of pink passion and she said that your lashes near the inner corners of your eyes doesn't have your own natural lash? Just to let you know, they glue the extensions on top of your original lashes which is your support for the extensions.

      Actually I've small eyes and big eyes which does balanced up my eyes with those lashes but I didn't expect that it doesn't work on you :(

      Maybe you can just try to see if you're used to the new lashes or,

      If you're dissatisfied with the lashes you did, then just remove it and it wont make your lashes fall. No worries :)

      btw, i would like to see how's your lashes look like, maybe email me? my email is on my contacts.

      I'm so so so so sorry Shiro :((

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Angeline,
    Sorry to scare you of my experience.
    Just now Maggie called from Pink Passion and she is concern about my case. I appreciate her explanation. The reason why my extension fail coz I have really short lashes, it hardly support the extension.
    Maggie's advise is: I can remove it now and she ensure it won't pull my original lash. Then I can apply growth tonic to let the lashes grow longer and fuller. After that only do extension.
    I feel bad coz probably this is the first time they face this kind of condition as others did was good enough.
    Don't feel sorry dear. Yours is done perfectly and I wish I can have that too.
    Thanks again for your concern.



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