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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cosmobox by Box Culture's Unboxing Event! @ Cupcake Chic, The Curve

Hello my lovelies! It's finally July and I'm having a blast all around June and I'm looking forward for a better month! :)

I was cordially invited to be part of the unboxing session with Cosmobox by Box Culture at Cupacake Chic at The Curve! Oh yay! Box Culture is something new for me because I've never subscribed before and I just heard about it until recently. Yeap, that day was the worst hazy day in KL. But it doesn't demotivates me not to go because I'm pretty excited about Cosmobox! 
CosmoBox by Box Culture was founded by two beautiful ladies, Sze Yoong and Lee Yen in July 2012. Cosmobox by Box Culture brings best premium beauty products with the most convenient way to discover new grooming and beauty products curated by beauty enthusiasts, delivered to your door steep monthly.   

Designed with the urban woman in mind, who wants to keep in-the-know, all while managing a hectic life, CosmoBox is a refreshing getaway, an escape almost, from daily stress and strife.
The whole idea is for us to treat you busy ladies to an exciting and surprising selection of beauty and lifestyle products from both well-known and emerging brands in each and every monthly box for you to try before you buy.
With every box, you'll get a chance to sample and savour top products, get expert advice and give yourself some much-needed TLC all at a go. Perfectly designed around your hectic schedule!
Met friendly and outspoken founder, Sze Yoong
Another bubbly and polite founder, Lee Yen. (she's standing)
Cupcake chic is the venue and food sponsor for this unboxing event and never realizing that Swee San is one of the Cupcake Chic team even though I knew her as a blogger. :D

Cupcake Chic is the first "cupcakery" in Malaysia. The place is so cozy and comfortable which is totally suitable to host a little family function or birthday party. The ambiance is definitely look warm and cozy and also fun which all of us are there. Swee San mentioned that Lee Yen who's one of the founders of Box Culture, is the interior designer of this shop! That's pretty surprising and I'm impressed. Lovin' the setting. :D

Cupcake Chic sells varieties of yummy cupcakes and they recently added some savories on the menu to make it more option for people who is not a sweet tooth for cupcakes. 

I'm pretty sure you knew what's the whole concept of beauty box basically means and I will just continue what's inside Cosmobox! 
This box has a pink and black sleeve that written "Cosmobox by Box Culture"  as you can see on top and the white box is really pretty and sturdy that we can recycle as a nice box gift. What I'm impressed about the box is that it's appearance has a signature engraved logo on the box which I find it pretty unique. *sorry you can't see from the picture but you get my drill* 

Let's open what's inside. :D
Super nice and delicate presentation, with a black ribbon that is tied nicely and professionally. As, Sze Yoong told us that she learned how to tie a perfect ribbon from her previous job! Pink and Black is a perfect combination and both colours are my favorite! 

Let's reveal what's inside the box! 
OMG. OMG. Did I just saw Maybelline mascara and eyelashes!! Yesssss. Most of the products is new to me except B.liv and L'Oreal from other beauty boxes BUT I'm loving L'Oreal Liss Masque because it's making my hair sooooo smooth! 
As for Murad, I have been loving Murad's Pomegranate Foam cleanser from Bag of Love and you might not know that I could be loving both of Murad products too! - they're Essential C-Day moisturizer and hydrating toner :) Cosmobox June 2013 is making me excited! :D

Until to the point where one of the bloggers, asked what's usage of Collistar (the white with green tube)
This one of the sponsors from Collistar and I don't remember her name (sorry!) but she mentioned that Collistar is brought by SASA and was originally from Italy. The usage of this product is an anti-cellulite which basically gives tone, vitality, and compactness to the body with most advanced techniques in cosmetic medicine: mesotheraphy and bio-vitalization. 

During the event, all of the bloggers is given a Juiceworks VIP card which is awesomeeeeee. I can buy my favourite drink, Berry Burst with discount!! Yes, Juiceworks is one of the sponsors too! 
Isn't the card sooo miniture and adorable?! *opps, sorry for the exposure*
Happy beauty bloggers with beauty boxes! 
Cheesy and cheeky pose HAHAHA! 

Here's the best part, FOOD
Omg, even the food decos is soooo pretty that I don't want to eat haha! 
The most prettiest cake like I usually saw at Tumblr. The pennant banner make it soo cute!  It's called Livin' Large Cupake - well, that's a HUGE cupcake! 
All party-wares and decorations is sponsored by Think Party Thoughts.
See that NYC skyscrapers of pink and black cupcake? It's sponsored by Bake By Joelle, creatively done & yummy! 

The most adorably pink stripes straw I ever seen. Yes, I said it. 
Drink of the day: Mango Passion - What I love about JuiceWorks is that their juices are freshly blended with the most freshest fruits that you can taste the smooth thick texture of the smoothie without any seeds! Plus,the flavour itself is so sweet (not overly sweet) and tangy at the same time with passion fruit and mango! Yummy and healthy, rich with Vitamin C! 

Don't forget there's party props for photo taking! 

Met some of bloggers that you might know :D
Carolyn, Sarah, Lisa, Yours Truly 
Forgot to mentioned that Sabrina won the best dressed from the event with the theme; black and pink which amazingly her dress is fully handmade from herself! But her dress so nicely done like she brought from the shop! Congratulations girl! :D

The prize was L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Range worth RM160 - all thanks to L'Oreal Professional and now, I'm jelly because I love L'Oreal products! T-T 

Pictures with the bloggers!

Here's some of the collaborators and sponsors from the event, for any information just click the link: 

As for Cosmobox by Box Culture, here's the links that you can found out more about this beauty box! 

Finally, here's a picture of hot dog covered with shredded onion, mustard and tomato sauce & a cup of coke in IKEA.


Disclaimer: Some of the pictures is from MJK Photography, unless is mine will be stated on the picture. 


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  4. Look like you have a lot of fun at the unboxing party , so jelly . And i love your ootd .
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    1. hahaha thank you :p But that pinafore makes like a pregnant lady :/ AHAHA



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