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Friday, July 5, 2013

Chat On-lah Official Media Launch @ The Butter Factory!

Hello lovelies! I've gotten an invitation to Chat ON Official Media Launch which I'm super excited to join and witness what's happening during the event. Unfortunately, I was super tad late like half an hour before the event finishes, which kinda of sad because something happen during that night. It's a long sad story, I don't think I should blog about it right here. :)

If you have been on my facebook or facebook page, you probably know that I've been posting a lot about Chat ON lately because that app is simply awesome and easy to use! :D
Basically, Chat ON is an communication app, just like the ones you've been using but it is available on Samsung Apps, Bada smartphones, androids, Microsoft MS mobile & Apple IOS! AND IT'S FREE!! :D 

You can invite and register your friends via Facebook and Twitter! Plus, you can share you Chat ON contents on Facebook, which I find it pretty amusing! :)

 Lovin' their cute Anicons - how can you resist the cute chubby bunniesss! that's why chubby bunnies challenge is invented :D *stuffing marshmallows* 

One of Chat ON's best unique features is Animation messages which is one of the kind from other apps! I can send birthday wishes or any occasional days with just a finger! :D 

That night, there were amazing performances from a bunch of dancers dressed in cool orange outfits! :D

Before the event started, we were told that they will be having the best dressed, of course must be wearing orange outfit which Chat ON's theme is orange. There were a few who wore pretty creative orange outfits where they're shortlisted to 5 finalists and the prize is a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini! Omg I also want T-T 

Those 5 finalists have to show their moves in order to win the Samsung smartphone! I can tell that everyone is pretty hyped about getting that smartphone! :D

 Congratulations to all the winners! :D

I met some pretty bloggers during that event, eventho I was pretty late :)
 Angeline Tang (taken from her blog)
- ha! Same name as I do, finally met her during that event! :D 

 Me and Elvina! She's sooo pretty! That's why she's on pageant! 

 Diana (she's Traxx FM DJ, how cool is that?!) , Yours Truly & Elvina :D

 Group picture with Manoah Bloggers :)
Yeah I kinda broke the rule, I don't have orange outfit T-T 

That's all for my post! 
Signing off - hugging Chat ON pillow! It's sooo fluffy!
Thank you sooo much Manoah Consulting for inviting this exclusive official launch event! 
And apologize to Yukiko for waiting me for so long during the registration :/

Don't forget to Chat ON with me! 
My Chat ON ID: angelineng_92@hotmail 

Before I end this post, here's a Chat ON TVC for you to enjoy!


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