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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cathyjoy review duo - Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint & Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask! ♥

Hello lovelies! I've received a parcel of goodies from Cathyjoy which I'm pretty stoked to review about it and here we goooo lol

Let me give you can simple intro; is beauty online store that sells a wide range of Korean beauty products which includes skincare and makeup products for super discounted price, only in Malaysia. All Korean cosmetic products are shipped directly from Korean with 100% genuine which I mean that all Korean packaging products are exactly the same as what they offered in stores. Let me tell you, they are fast and efficient especially on delivery the products that I've ordered. 

Something's missing from my makeup? 

Oh yes. It's my lips. I need something natural on my lips. 

Let's try Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint!

The colour that I gotten is in PK001 Pink and the colour is light pink but as you can see the applicator is more into neon colour rather than light pink. 

Let's take it to the test! :3

*Applying on my lips* ♥

Here's the results: 
I can't explain why my skin looks super dry and flaky which I don't have these problems in real life -.- oh well, I guess is the lighting problem. 

My overall opinion: 
The texture of it is really light and creamy at the same time (as you can see on the applicator) but it's not sticky. Once I applied it on my lips, it feels like applying a regular lip gloss but less glossier but the good side was, it doesn't make your lips dry or chapped which is pretty moisturizing by just applying this lip tint which I love it. The colour is pretty sweet and natural once it applied on my lips, the more you apply, the pinker you get. The After picture, I applied about 3 coats to get the best intensify colour. Plus, it has a super sweet candy smell which reminds me of strawberry! This would be my everyday lip tint. Love it! ♥

Price: RM26.90 

Link to purchase:

Overall look! 

 Me love it!! ♥

 Xoxo Gossip Girl. Not.


My night skincare routine that I always can't leave without - Mask. I'm kinda mask junkie lately, thanks to my mum! lol :P

Tonight, I'm trying out this Korean mask that I heard it's pretty good! It's Leaders Insolution  Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask! Let's give it a try! ♥

What does this mask gives you? 

  • Brightens overall skin tone, promotes clearer and radiance look and evens skin tone
  • Strengthen and give Vitamin C which will give nutrition and vitality especially for tired skin  
  • Lightens your whole skin tone and makes your skin look moist, healthy and shiny
  • Paraben free and Dermatologists tested
Info credits to sugarcoatedmuffin because the mask description is in Korean. 

Everything that is stated which is what I really need for my skin :D

 It's does stated here on the front of the packaging, a lil info about this mask

Let's apply! 
It's me with crooked peace sign! :P

The mask is pretty transparent that I never seen any mask that is more likey has a see-through mask or maybe I haven't discovered yet haha! Great thing about this mask is it does covers up my dark circles which I don't need to repurchase another mask, just for my eyes - which this mask pretty much gives you full package to achieve brighter skin!
The mask has super thin layer and coated with moist of essence, even there's still a lot when I took of this mask sheet from the package. This mask does absorbed very well into my skin, leaving it 15-20 minutes!  

Here's how I look like after mask! 
With a little massage to balance up the remainder essence that is on my skin to let it absorb well.
Do my face look more brighten? :D

My overall opinion: 
The highlight of the mask is that this mask absorbed pretty quick onto my skin which makes my face more hydrated and brighten after I took off the mask, feeling glowing and healthy look, even I look tired :D However, the downside of this mask is that it does give a sticky feeling after I took of the mask which I don't feel comfortable, or maybe just my personal opinion because I've always used to after mask that feels soft and supple. Nevertheless, this mask does brightened up my face and looking healthy the next day. 

Price: RM6.90 (it's cheap!!)

For more information, visit their website to look for more Korean beauty products! 

FYI, they are having Hari Raya promo deal which is pretty good! Go check it out! 

Cheerios! ♥

Disclaimer: This products is provided by Cathyjoy for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 


  1. Sexy bold pinkish lips!!! love it.

    1. OMG. you're alive at this hour hahahaha :P
      *shy shy* LOL

  2. w00ts! So nice! I've always wanted to try the Etude House tint. It looks very pretty and natural on you :)

    1. haha thanks Laura! You should try it! x

  3. I know this is about the lip tint and mask but you look very cute in the pictures! :D

    with love, Cassandra xx

    1. Thank you for your compliment *shy shy* hehe



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