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Friday, July 12, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Pink N' Proper Bloggers Runway @ Spa Party, Posh! Nail Spa

Hello lovelies! For the spa party post, I will be separating for 2 posts which one is this - BTS (Behind the Scenes) which I think would be a awesome post to blog about it since I was one of the bloggers that involved with Pink N' Proper runaway during Spa Party and also a proper Spa Party post for the whole session. 

So yeah, welcome to Spa Party by The Butterfly Project!

Let's change the bloggers to models, yeah? Okay, all of the 12 models are selected according based on Pink N' Proper herself, Vivien. 

All of them arrived an hour early before the event starts about 12 noon. 
 Vivien was pretty stoked about the runaway! 
Firstly, she informed the models which dresses / outfits that they will be wearing for the runway with the their names attached on the hanger. Later, she gave a quick brief about structure of the "stage" and where all of us (models) needed to walk and stop. Vivien coordinate us who to walk and where to stop & pose, we practiced probably about twice with the songs as well, just to make sure the runway goes well. 

King Kang Kong, all models quickly dress up and doing their makeups before the party started since the runway was the first thing that will be doing. I came without makeup and I was TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS until Cindy said that Vivien did inform on the email T-T  Yes, I makeup as quick as I can like a mad women in the washroom. @.@ That messy unruly hair explains why my hair wasn't prepared.  
 Ladies all set! (Audrey & Yours Truly) 

All of us were informed to put up our bathrobes because most of the bloggers had arrived before the event started and they are mostly everywhere haha :P Well, I can't cover all of my dress tho lol
 I wore mint bathrobe and...
Apparately, Wiida wore blue! Both of us wore something that is not pink haha! 
Me & Miss Wiida! 
 She's super bubbly and energetic girl!! 

 Super random selca that I've to make a funny gif of ourselves :P 

Last short brief by Vivien before the models going to the "stage" :P 

Last quick shot of all 12 models in total! 
 Spot me :P

Behind the "stage"; all of us getting hype up! 
Lil reveal from us! :P
Picture credit: Laura Ashley

Oops, sorry to interrupt a random selca with Zhi Yuen lol 

Zhi Yuen's face is super funny XD ahahaha
 Don't ask me why I did that face -.-
 Chency! Her hair is soo strikingly blue! 
 Alice looks different with makeup! :D

All bloggers are set with their cameras to get the runway started. 

Lining up before runway starts! 

Too bad I don't have a video for you to watch because....I was one of the models but I will post it up on Facebook  if any bloggers has a copy of the video which hopefully one of them took but anyways, here's how the following poses from the models (including me!)

Following 6 models are wearing Pink N' Proper SS13 Collection which is totally causal and totally awesome to wear for this summer! I'm pretty sure you guys have seen me wearing them :)
Pic credit: Tammy Lim

Here's something you've have never seen before and this is a sneak peak for the upcoming prom collection! Students who's looking for prom dresses, feast your eyes and here's a few pieces of dresses that Pink N' Proper will be selling on their website! Look out for your favourite!
Pic credit: Tammy Lim

Oi hai. Here's me which my mouth wide open, which I have no idea why I did that lol

Finally, it's a wrap! 
 Group picture from all of us! It has been a great experience doing a bloggers runway! 

 Just took a after runway picture with a few of them while others are posing and conquering all the way on the photobooth haha :P

That's all of BTS of Pink N' Proper Bloggers Runway and I will be posting up the full part of Spa Party! The next post will be loaded with pictures haha :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Do comment down below and tell me which is your favourite SS13 Collection or Prom Collection dress? You can either choose one or two or you can comment I love them all! haha :P


Disclaimer: All pictures are taken by me and Zhi Yuen, unless stated. 


  1. you girls sure had a lots of fun strutting down the runway!

    you all look fabulous ;)

    1. Thank you :D Appreciate your compliment! :)

  2. fabulous girls. fabulous party. :)

  3. cute and awesome party!!! Loads of fun!

  4. stay pretty, all the 12 models are very pretty, wish too know everyone of them!



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