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Friday, July 12, 2013

Awesome SPARTY!! The Butterfly Project Spa Party @ Posh! Nail Spa

Hello lovelies! I'm back with a full post about this Spa party! I can't expressed enough how much fun I've enjoyed during the party which I'm super duper to blog about it and I'm excited just as other bloggers do! Tons of pictures and here we go! 

Welcome to The Butterfly Project's The Spa Party and let the party begins! 
One of the Posh! Nail Spa manicurist, Rachel drew this broad! Nice right?!

Tons of prizes awaits all bloggers to be given out! Woot woot! 

Let's start with the good part which your tummy would love! Foodie!! I bet you're hungry now :P All finger foods are prepared by Good Friends Cafe! OMG can I have one now? *drooling*

I love this mini burgers! NOM NOM NOM 

Best Red Velvet cupcakes that I've tasted so far :D

Did you see there's a tofu dish on the side? Yes, that tofu taste soo amazing with their sauce!! I ate like 3 lol 

The party started with a warm speech from the founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy Lim! Thank you thank you for the invitation to the Spa Party!!  

Later, Vivien from Pink N' Proper gave a short speech and a brief intro about the Pink N' Proper right before the runway starts. 

JENG JENG JENGG, who will be the next Pink N' Proper Top Model? 

Well, I skipped the runway part where you can check it out from my other post! I've covered from Behind the Scenes to the catwalk runway! Click here. 

Group picture with the models! Spot me from behind lol

I've probably knew the best part that most bloggers loveeeeee, photobooth! Tell me which girl doesn't like selca!! It's like a must have to take with the bloggers! All thanks to Fotobox 
Hello Alan! lol

There's props on the side table for you can go crazy with! 

Here are the few picture I took during the Spa Party! 
Me, Sarah, Vivien and Zhi Yuen
Kahmon (aka Bendan), Me and Lisa! 
This is the most epic picture with all the models (well, not all but some :)) which all of us barely to fit in! With a full photobombed face of Chency HAHAHAHA

Love ambiance of the environment that the entire party is flooded with bloggers and Balloonsss!  All decors of the party is prepared by Tres Chic The Party Planner!

The first station I visited is DIY Body Scrub! Hosted by Miss Ayna! She was one of the "SWAT" team behind the Butterfly Project! 
There's Lip Scrubs for sale! Made by them with Chocolate and Strawberry flavored! Sounds yummylicious! 

Few steps to made DIY Body Scrub - The Butterfly Project Version! 
  1. Filled the bowl with the amount of salt that you desire
  2. Put a half table spoon of food colouring to create the colour you want!
  3. Stir all of them together until they are well balanced
  4. Add a drop of lavender oil essence
  5. Pour an amount dried lemongrass that you desired 
  6. Finally stir, put it on the container and you're done! 

Here's mine! With my name on it! 

Next! I went to the Pedicure station to have my toenails pampered with new nail colour!
Blogger are totally relaxed with their feet pampered! Hello Chency! :D

Here's me with my feet getting pampered 

Swee San was with us during the pedicure session!
I got my feet scrubbed with cooling foot scrub and I can't tell you more that she's good at massaging my feet and I was literally relaxed that I could fall asleep! :D

Say hello to my new toe nail colour! 
I can't decide which to choose - Pink or Purple but instead I asked her to paint the my toenails purple and paint the pink ones of the second last of my toe haha!

Next station : Mask Station! 

Every bloggers can redeem one pack of mask to try it at home! All thanks to Timeless Truth Malaysia
You will get consulted by Suzanne who's from TT mask and she will suggest you which mask is mostly suits for your skin!

I got the TT Miracle Rejuvenation Mask and on the spot I brought Charcoal Deep Whitening and I got Shallow Nest Flawless Mask! Because that day they are having buy 1 FREE 1 Promo! Super good deal! 

Super huge Havaianas Slippers! 

I met Yuri during the Spa Party, I bet the bloggers were there knew who she is! She's so adorable!

Next up! Went to the Manicure Station and my nails are fully done by Rachel! Thank you Rachel! 
There are tons of pink and purple shades to apply on! Since the theme is pink and purple :D
50 Shades of Pink?!

Here's me and the lovely Farisha! :D

Here's my overall nail with a dust of glitters! ♥.

It's time for the giveaway!!
Each Pink N' Proper finalist will get a consolation prize and the winner is Lisa Chow!! 
Congratulations! ♥ Can't wait to see you on the photoshoot! 

There's another Pink N' Proper X Fotobox Instagram contest during the Spa Party and here's two winners; bottom on the right (Caroline and Shar Ren) 

Here's more giveaways by sponsors! 
Posh! Nail Spa vouchers, Only Beauty giveaway, and So Soft. So Johnson's 1 year supply - for the best dressed!! 
The best dressed are Alice, Audrey and Jennifer! Congrats!! 

Unexpectedly I was caught by surprised that I gotten a voucher from Posh! Nail Spa with a session of eyelash extensions worth about RM200++ wow wow wow I didn't expect that! :D
Picture credit: Swee San
But I finally exchanged with a Malay blogger and I got the Brazilian Waxing voucher which I think I wanted to give it try even tho I heard it quite painful loll

It's a wrap!! ♥ 

The Spa Party ended about 6pm which it stated at 5pm haha
Eventhough I didn't got to get facial or massage which I really need one because of the limited time and tons of people booking their sessions! >.< Oh well, there's always next time!

Oh hai. Here's me with some balloons that I brought home + my slouchy bathrobe haha! I'm a happy kid right now!!

Here's some super nice goodies for all of us!! 
Can't wait to use them all!! 

Thank you Tammy, Illy and Ayna for all the effort of doing this party a blast! *big hugs*
Also, thank you to all the following sponsors! 

Here's a recap of all the collaborators that sponsored the event:

That's all from my post! Hopefully we have another party with the bloggers that would be as awesome as Spa Party!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my post as much I as I love to blog about this event! 
Leave a comment to show some loveeee 


Disclaimer: Most of the pictures are taken by me or Zhi Yuen and some photos are from Swee San.

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