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Monday, July 22, 2013

ANNA SUI Meet & Greet in Malaysia @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Hello lovelies! As all of you know if you have followed my Instagram (@angelineng92), you guys know that I've met Miss Anna Sui, herself!! 

Yesterday up till now, I'm still excited and stoked during the meet and greet session because Anna Sui is my favourite designer ever since I was 13 years old. All thanks to my high school besties that influenced me on Japanese fashion with a mixture of gothic. (I ain't rebellious but I used to wear dark eyeliner with gothic tutus!) 

Her background, inspiration and creation of her design intrigues me to pursue my dream to study at Parson Design School and become a fashion designer, unfortunately my dream of being a fashion designer doesn't come true. Well, you know....parents with stereotypical type that prefers her daughter to work at finance and business industry. Here's Anna Sui bio if you would like to know more. 

Anyways, I've reached probably about 1pm and the crowd is getting more and more as everyone or her fans is anticipating waiting for Anna Sui appearance and yes, you can get her autograph without invitation, it's totally free. :D That's why I've to be on the line, fair enough. 
I wouldn't expect that Anna Sui would be coming to Malaysia (because she's top designer worldwide!) until one day, I spotted ViVi Magazine Malaysia Facebook page and they are running a giveaway (Comment & Win) as a prize of newest collection of Anna Sui Limited Edition Rose Rouge Ring and meet and greet passes to meet her. So without any hesitation, I just joined the contest without expecting myself to win as there's more promising comments that are better than me. 

Until one day, I was tagged by Mai Sarah on Facebook and I peeked a comment saying "going together" which makes me so curious and confused at the same time because apparently, my phone 3G sucks as hell - slow and loading forever. 

Until, I used my mum's phone and realized I'm one of the winners from Anna Sui giveaway! My reaction was WAIT. WHAT. I WON? O.O WOAHHHH I WON!! Literally almost fell on the floor. lol

Their question was "Recognize and name the brand & What will you tell her if you get to met her in person?"

So, here's my answer.  
(the slash was a repetitive sentence, I think they copy and paste my answer lol)

The event started with runway models strutting Anna Sui couture collection and let me tell you Anna Sui creation was classy, sophisticated, vintage and unique with bold prints - blended all together. 

Baju Raya, anyone? :D
Finally, Anna Sui appeared!! 
Her signature style of B&W outfit with a hint of vintage and lace and also, her signature bold red lips & her nails painted black. 

Waved to her fans! (including me :3)

Little interview session with Charmaine (host) & Anna Sui before Autograph session starts

Hi. This is it. I'm a few meters away from Anna Sui and I'm going to meet her any second!! :D trilled and excited!! 

It's my turn. I don't know how to react when I approached her o.o I was literally speechless for a moment and told her, I was a huge fan of her since I was young and she shook my hand and gracefully said, "thank you my dear" and we took a few pictures and that's it. lol
And that was a 10 seconds of happiness. 
Well, that escalated quickly. LOL

I met few bloggers during the event. Sarah - we planned to meet during the session as she was one of the winners too! and I don't really remember her name but I remember her fb as Edazz Lucinda :D 

Okay, selca time. 
Girl, don't tell me you don't selca lol 

Her lipstick packaging was classy with a feminine touch of rose. 
I got Anna Sui Fairy Dance at home! I'm thankful that Sasa gave me that perfume as a gift! 

Anna Sui's Fall 2013 Anniversary Makeup Collection 
 Limited Edition Rose Rouge Ring , comes in 8 shades

Here's what I got from the event.
Her signature with a hand written of "Live Your Dream
Goodies what I won from the giveaway - Limited Edition Rose Rouge Ring 

I gotten the shade #400 Anna Red - which was Anna's signature colour!
I've to admit that Anna Sui has the most unique makeup collection that I've seen so far :D 

Top: Topshop
Heels & Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: Dazzling Couture 
Bracelet: H&M

Meeting Anna Sui for the first time is definitely a lifetime experience for me. 
Truly amazing. 

Till then, 


  1. Replies
    1. Never expected I would meet her in person! :O

  2. live your dream! such an apt message.. :)I dont know why everytime i see anna sui's photo, she reminds me of joy luck club, in a good way.

    1. HAHAHA well, she does have the chinese look from joy luck club :P Btw she's french educated Chinese :D

      FYI, idk why everytime I see American chinese, they seem look almost similar like you can literally know that's american chinese or maybe Asia people have too much plastic surgery? :P

  3. Replies
    1. I am! I couldn't believe I just met her! :D



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