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Monday, June 24, 2013

What you have missed this week.

Hello lovelies!♥  Been missing you guys so much!! It's been almost a week not updating my blog because this week I'm hectically rushing in and out on events and stuff like that and here's what's happening this week, which I will be blogging really really soon! Can't wait to share with you!! ♥ 

Even though this week I've been going few events - which is quite a big deal for me! :O Very exhausting but it's trilling and I'm enjoying it! Let's round up what's happening this week!

If you followed my Instagram, you should know what's happening this week! 

#1 Bloop X Hishop Beauty Workshop
Totally had fun learning full makeup with the beauty bloggers and as you can you can tell;  we have colourful eyeshadows on our eyes - which mine wasn't that obvious because of the shimmering eyeshadow lol 

#2 Wacoal Salute Collection Launch
I will just keep it as a sneak peak with bloggers holding bras xD 

#3 Cosmobox by Box Culture 1st Unboxing Party
This event happened today and I have fun time chatting with bloggers and meeting new bloggers, plus getting to know this beauty box better! :D Btw, this is the last picture of few bloggers before they wrap up! Most of the bloggers left :3

#4 Clique9 Video Shoot X Blogger Review 
I got invited by Clique9 for doing video shoot for blogger review that will be up very soon! Will inform you guys once it's up! So stay tuned ♥ 

#5 KLFW X L'Oreal Professional X The Lilac Box 
The highlight of the week: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week!! I was excited and pretty lucky that I was invited to attend KLFW and also, a exclusive Mythic Pampering Section at Miko Hair Studio ; all thanks to L'Oreal Professional! 
Done my makeup before head to Miko Hair Studio located in Pavilion 

KLFW!! Did you see Lisa Surihani? omg omg *fansgirling*

That's all for my week; this week is totally awesome! 
Don't want to reveal too much because I want you guys to be anticipated :P
Will try my best to update next week! 
Stay tuned!! 

Oh yes, do tell me which event you're excited to read! Leave a comment down below! :3




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