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Friday, June 28, 2013

Wacoal Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase @ Parkson, Pavilion

Hello lovelies! I've been posting my post lately, in a least of one perday because I have tons of pending posts that I need to blog asap. @.@ I'm a person who prefered to finish it quickly rather than dragging the deadline :/ 

Anyways, I was invited to attend Wacoal's 30th Anniversary of Salute Lingerie Line, all thanks to the Butterfly Project :)
In celebration of Salute's 30th anniversary, Wacoal Malaysia showcased their latest collection of this supreme lingerie line at party held in Parkson at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. 

Embodying opulence and sophistication, the regal Salute ensembles of the evening had once again, captured the imagination of its "devotees", who turned up ceremoniously in black or gold for the event themed "Reigning Supreme"  
Indeed, from brassieres and panties to grater belts, Salute (which literally means 'a gesture of respect or polite recognition') has evolved from just designing evening slips in 1983 in Japan, to create a full range of intimate apparels beaming with captivating hues and dashing details. Today, as if a shimmering pearl afloat on the waves of luxurious lingerie, Salute by Wacoal is ever more radiant than it was shaped 30 years ago.  
Staying true to its aspiration of fulfilling Asian women's desire for European flair lingerie, Salute produced precisely to suit petite frames. Wacoal's exclusive collaborations with avant-garde lace makers lend a novel touch to the textile that has been held dear for centuries!   
Continuing to flaunt the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces, the latest collection is ablaze with vibrant hues of floral motifs that seemingly spring into life with charm and vitality - attesting to Wacoal's decades of expertise in producing credible and well-loved intimate apparels. 

I was kinda late that night, the fashion show has started half way once I've reached the place >.< Sorry, that I can't show you much pics but here's some of the pics I've managed to take :)
Their night sleepwear is pretty nice with the lace details which shows sensuality and sweet. 

Very nice floral detail on the bra which shows femininity and romance :)

Signature Fruit Punch from Zang Toi Cafe - always love their drink!

Carol & Mama Ng
Yours Truly & Mama Ng

My outfit of the night (#LOTD) 
Dress: Mango Suit 
Necklace: Dazzling Couture
Heels: USA 

My mama's outfit is all from my wardrobe -.-
Dress: Topshop
Necklace: Diva
Heels: Taobao :P
Bag: Chanel

Caroline, Carolyn & mua 

Carolyn, Choulyin, (i forgot your name >.<), me 
Choulyin, Li Chuen, Me, Jennifer Hew
Added with Iris on the left LOL

Yours Truly, Choulyin, Bendan (Kahmon) & Carolyn

Mama Ng & I :D

The latest Salute collection is currently available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza.

For more information about Wacoal, visit their social sites; 



  1. Woww, you and your mom are both super stylish. :D
    Love your outfit and hair!

    1. Thank you thank you :3 My hair is all thanks to Miko Galere :P

  2. Super cute, I never get tired of lace. :)



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