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Sunday, June 2, 2013

[VIDEO] Unzipping Bag Of Love May 2013 - Best Of Beauty Edition!

Hello lovelies! OMGGGG now it's may and I'm finally had the time to blog about this month's Bag of Love because there's more blogpost waiting in the line LOL.

Just to tell you that I have finally had the guts to vlog about it! It takes so much time for me to blog about it because I'm seriously a beginner for editing videos. -.- 

Just take a look at my very first beauty box review video! 

I don't know why I can't make this video to be bigger >.< If you know how to make it bigger please let me know! 

Actually, the position of where I vlogged is pretty weird, which I'm sitting infront of my cupboard lol that's why you can see my bags and my dresses hanging. I don't have a pretty interior of my room to let you see :/

Of course,  I will blog it as well for more detailed photo since my camera is just a regular digital camera but it's good at micro on zooming stuff. :)
First of all, I've seen the sneak peek of the bag on Bag of Love Facebook page which is pretty nice for me and the pouch does show a little bit of luxuriousness like Estee Lauder makeup - doesn't it look similar?  

The quality of the makeup bag is really good and pretty silky on the surface and it's so nice to touch. :D *touch touch*
I like the zipper of the bag which is a nice gold zipper that really shows off this bag is pretty "atas" LOL  

Let's start with this month's card, as usual.

#1 Crabtee & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, Full Size: RM30
Crabtee and Evelyn is always my favourite body and lotion brand and I love how the Somerset Meadow smells! I did mentioned about the unsatisfied Lavender sample because it's sachet and I was expecting no sachet samples which Bag Of Love have promised. There's a 20% voucher, anyone wants it? Just email me. 

#2 Calvin Klein Eternity EDP, 50ml : RM254 & Eternity for Men EDT, 50ml : RM209
I'm always a sucker when comes to sample vial perfumes but until recently, I collected too much perfume vials which comes to a point that I got bored to it. :/ Sometimes, interest does goes away. Nevertheless, I love the scent for women. 

#3 Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, 60 Capsules : RM320
Oopsie daisy! I think I just named the wrong name! But this is the exact name for this product. I heard about the brand, Elizabeth Arden but never got to know what's this brand mainly about. Perhaps, I could give a try for this brand since it's a serum but what I'm concern is, it might be not suitable for my skin. Maybe I will pass this to my mum. 

#4 Dove Beauty Nourshing Body Wash, Full Size : RM6.90
Before that, I need to clarify myself that I didn't do any research on Dove and this product is newly launched product and I was expecting this product is the regular Dove that I have used before. Sorry! But this is a good size to try! 

#5 Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax, 250ml : RM78
I'm pretty sure all of us know that Kerastase is not a cheap brand. Yes, it's really pricey comparing other drugstore hair products. I did reacted a lil disappointing because of the sachet samples of the mask but it's okay if that brand gave a big piece of sachet sample. 

Finally in this bag, I received a voucher of Complimentary Basic Manicure worth RM38 from Amate for all Bag of Love subscribers which I think is pretty good deal for all of you girls! Yes, they give the best service! :)

What do I think about this month's bag? 

  • Comparing the previous month of Bag of Love, I honestly prefer last month's than this months especially on products mainly because I'm more on cosmetics kind of person :P
  • I was a tiny little disappointed that they inserted sachet samples but hey, at least most of the products aren't sachets. :)
  • My favourite product would be Crabtee and Evelyn hand lotion & Elizabeth Arden capsules serum! :)
  • I was hoping that Bag of Love will continuously insert makeup brushes in the future as a collection for all of us to keep it :)
  • I can say that this month's bag is just moderate or "so - so" - not really disappointed and not really excited.  

Thank you so much, Bag Of Love for providing me to review! :)

Do check out their updates on their Facebook 

If you're interested, subscribe at

Before I end this post, here's really funny blooper while I'm listening my current favourite song! :P 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Disclaimer: This beauty box is provided by Bag of Love for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 

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