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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Lilac Exclusive: L'oreal Professional X KLFW 2013

Hello lovelies! God I have been procrastinating for hours and my purpose should be continue blogging my pending posts, instead I clicked to Youtube for hours like, literally. Anyways, I'm pretty sure everyone is pretty stoked on what's happening during that evening which was a fun and trill experience which I could say as glamorous

Like come on, being treated with all exclusively good things isn't consider as glamorous or luxury? You be the judge. 

Eariler before all this happens, I gotten an email from the Lilac Box; specifically from Ky-gan which most bloggers knows who he is. Once I read the mail, I was totally hyped up about this kinda of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and straight away I replied them that I would love to go to the KL Fashion Week! Treated with Mythic Pampering Section, was the extra part of having a fabulous fashion event! 
Makeup - check; dress - check! 
This lovely dress is sponsored by Pink N' Proper which I'm grateful that they sponsored me this glamorous dress! 

Previously the owner of PNP decided to choose this dress for me but I was a lil skeptical about it because I've always thought peplum dresses do make me fat / rounder which is something like curvier - I meant in a bad way lol and I did choose another dress until decided to try this gold peplum dress which I instantly never took it off! Because it's amazingly look nice on me! I never expected that it turns out to look good on me! Best part was the bandeau of white shimmer fabric that totally enhances my curves of my body and accentuate my body length with added a nude platform high heels which is totally a full package! Oh by the way, this dress is for the upcoming prom collection
Carolyn was with me too! Her outfit was also sponsored from Pink N' Proper, if I'm not mistaken it was from the previous collection :)

On our way to Pavilion! It's a hot sunny evening before the drama haze happen lol

Straight away, we headed to Miko Galere to complete our look for the KLFW which both of us are super stoked to get a fabulous hairdo! :D 

Oh yes, here's the before picture of me before getting a hairdo and while waiting for the hairstylist to their job. Bad hair day, frizzy ends and oily scalp :P
Oh by the way, behind me was Rudi - who's one of the 3 guys from the Lilac Box ; he's really friendly and very gentlemen :)

Here's what's in front of me; a cup of chilly orange juice which was picked by me from the menu
Do you see Valerie from Vanity Trove? :P I just realised that she's just right behind me until I snapped this picture lol

Carolyn was the first to get washed by the hairstylist 

Here's me get washed by another hairstylist - I noticed that all hairstylist are uniformed with a Victorian look? Idk how to describe but they are well dressed tho!

During the Mythic Pampering Section, the hairstylist will be doing our hair with just Mythic Oil range which starting off with L'Oreal Mythic Oil Nourshing Shampoo (tall gold bottle) which gently cleansing and reducing oil from the root which balances the hair's natural oils. It's suitable for all hair types and I'm pretty sure if you're worried that this range does makes your hair oily? 

The answer is no, absolutely not. This shampoo is naturally light weight and it does help to balances your existing oil levels of your hair by gentle cleansing and also helps to restore and protect your dry ends to more clean, healthier, and soft shinny hair. Moreover this product contains natural ingredients of Argan Oil which is rich with Vitamin E and Omega 3 which gives full volume, control and deeply nourished towards your hair. Also, contains Cotton Seed Oil which is naturally light weight that creates brilliantly soft finish. Plus, it smell good too! It's so soothing calming and literally I was sleeping when the hairstylist was washing and massaging onto my scalp. 

After washing, he cleansed my hair and he used the L'Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque which was deep treatment that is suitable for all hair types and once he applied them onto my hair, the masque instantly detangled my hair because I've suffered with dry fizzy and damaged hair ends after bleaching since originally did dip dye few months ago and this treatment can be used as conditioner and treatment as well by leaving it in 3 minutes. This masque is also enriched with formula of Argan oil, avocado, cotton seed and grape seed oil that blends together to replenish dull and lifeless hair into silky soft hair! 

After done cleansing and detangled my hair, the hairstylist lightly blow dried my hair and half way of blow drying my hair, he pumped some L'Oreal Mythic Oil Nourshing Oil into his hands and he applied lightly on my hair ends which immediately absorbed for a light weight and glossy finish. This Mythic Oil is highly raved by mostly everyone, who has been using this Mythic Oil - even my mum loves using it! You guys should totally try one! You will never regret! 

Can you see my hair is literally flying everywhere? My hair is so soft and smooth and giving a silky soft touch with ultra smooth and glossy from top to bottom of my hair! 

Even Carolyn's hair can aired be hair commercial :P HAHA

Finally, he curled my hair using a straighter which gives more long lasting and luscious locks that can stayed throughout the whole night. Yes, I requested to get my hair curled :D
Almost done :D
Final touches & voilà

Almost forget to tell you that Wendy was with us during the Mythic Pampering Section! :D

Meet Cecilia Woon from L'Oreal Professional Malaysia 

Here's a overall recap that I've stole from The Lilac Box Facebook Page 

After our fabulous hairdo, we headed to Ben's, just few shops away from Miko Galere to get a quick dinner before headed to KLFW which was located at ground floor. 
Peppermint tea - having a sore throat that night
Mac & Cheese.
Well, that wasn't a quick dinner but it's SO GOOD. Filled with baked cheesy goodness and I'm definitely coming back for more! Thank you Cecilia for the dinner and recommendation! 

More Mythic Oil display infront of KLFW 

Once I've entered the place; I felt entirely different with feeling of excitement and looking forward to see what's bound to happen during the fashion show. FYI, that night was Jonathan Liang's collection. 

All guests are served with yummy ice-cream of Cremeria 

I didn't ate ice-cream but instead I took a bottle of beer :D

Wendy, Joyce (L'oreal) and Yours Truly 

Me, Carol and I forgot her name >.< sorry! But I love your mermaid hairrr! 

Finally, a picture of me and Carol that everyone has been asking if both of us are twins lol

Yes, we are sitting right on the front row of the stage!! How awesome is that.

I didn't got a chance to take a picture with Lisa Surhani :( sob sob 

That's the end of the show. Jonathan's collection is absolutely gorgeous!  
Group picture

Here's my overall outfit of the night

There's a after party KLFW which I didn't attend because all of us was pretty tried after the event :)

Right after the Mythic Pampering section, Cecilia given each of us a bottle of L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil  Couture Edition by Dilek Hanif - she's a international famous Turkish fashion designer 
If you can see there's a beautiful bracelet tied on the bottle - isn't pretty? 

Ticket to the KLFW - will be keeping this on my memory board 

That night was an unforgettable night for all of us which was a lifetime opportunity for me because this is my first fashion show that I've attended so far. 

A big thank you to L'Oreal Professional, Miko Galere and The Lilac Box for giving this golden opportunity for all of us to attend this super exclusive event! Truly appreciate    

Also, thank you Rudi for being the "nanny" of the night for bloggers HAHAHAHA :P

Do check out The Lilac Box Facebook and their website for more updates! They provide the best premium products for all subscribers!  
Hint hint: L'Oreal might be the next box? *cross fingers*

Thank you for reading this super long post, do comment down below if you enjoyed reading so far :P 

See you in next post!



  1. Woah so awesome! And you girls all look gorgeously stunning indeed~ <3

  2. ooooo I saw a nude / pink ombre skirt / dress there... and looks like lots of peplum :)

    btw u and carolyn looked gorgeous!

    1. I wanted to get that pink ombre skirt but it's too small for me T-T
      Well, peplum is kinda of a thing in UK ;D

  3. Peplum is everywhere n i super love them! And so nice la you all get to wash hair while seated on the chair!

    1. Wash hair while seated? Isn't supposed to be like that? :O



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