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Friday, June 14, 2013

Makeover Session Experience with Mary Kay

Hello lovelies! TGIF! Hope all of you have a awesome Friday! :D

During March, Mary Kay contacted me about Mary Kay makeover session which I don't have time to go due to my busy month - rushing my assignments, and I don't have a spare time to go to their makeover session until lately, I was asked to meet one of the beauty consultant to collect some products at Old Town nearby Taman Midah. Apparently, I went back empty handed because the consultant didn't knew my purpose of it is to collect some of their products for review purposes, I was a little disappointed during that time. 

Until 2 weeks ago, the consultant put an appointment for Makeover Session at their headquarters at Jaya 33 and I brought along my friend, Carina Yeoh and Coco to join with me for a makeover session. 

Here's my before makeup and after makeup results. 

Just to let know, my Mary Kay consultant is Lily Loo. 
Firstly, she started off the session from the basic by cleansing our face.
Because she explained that most of us doesn't understand the full step of cleaning our face which our face always caused dry skin or oily skin etc. 
Then, she identified our skin types which I have normal skin type, Carina is oily skin type and Coco is dry skin type which makes three of us are different! She introduced products that 3 of us are suitable to use and we use these products during the session. 
We start off cleansing our face with Mary Kay Botanical Effects  3 in 1 cleanse which was refreshing and cooling after cleansing. Next, she directed us to use the masque with just half of our face to see the difference with and without effect. 

While waiting for 10 mins to pass before washing our face, she did explained some of Mary Kay background and some products available in Mary Kay. Once time's up, we head to the washroom and wash off the masque to see if there's any difference. However, I don't see any major or minor results after using them and Coco felt a very unpleasant feeling on her face after using the masque which she's not happy about it. 

During that time, me and Carina agreed that the masque doesn't really work as what we are expected. Until we went back to the room and told her there's not much result with and without using it. But Lily was trying to avoid the conversation topic and she straight away changed her topic to other products which all of us don't even bother to know. That's why both of us didn't bother to take our pictures. 
Both of us tried masque and lip scrub / mask. Lip scrub was just okay....
 Coco was too shy to take a picture >.<

After applying moisturizer, we will start prepping our face by applying Mary Kay foundation primer and Mary Kay matte-wear liquid foundation
The liquid foundation is pretty matte and it covers really well on my face with medium coverage, it does covers most of my imperfections. 
Later, 3 of us applied Mary Kay foundation mineral powder to set the foundation. I must say this mineral foundation is pretty soft once applying them on my face and I like the velvety texture of the foundation powder which evens out my skin tone and gives more coverage and never look cakey.  

This how it looks like after applying the foundation 
I had a bad hair day, people. I didn't wash my hair that day! :P *ew*

Here's the fun part, adding colours to my face! Most of the products that I will be using is Mary Kay Limited Edition Zen in Bloom Collection which I did mention the colours is sooo pretty! 

Bloom collection eye shadow case has pretty colours which is mostly suitable for any skin tone and I've never try any bold colours before because usually I've always use brown eyeshadow on my eyes >.>

Loving the colour combination of blue and green with a pop of gold. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and smooth which blends really easily. This colour really suitable for spring looks! 
Here's the swatch!
Bronze eyeshadow doesn't really appeal a lot on the camera but it does gives the shimmer once I applied them on my hands, but the colour is really pigmented when you see on your naked eyes. 

After applying eyeshadows, we finish up with an cat-wing eyeliner and Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara which gives longer length lashes but it doesn't really give a lot of volume. 
Here's are some of the products that I didn't show while during makeover session.

Lily told us that Mary Kay's foundation primer is the best selling product which everyone is raving about and Carina loves the velvety texture after applying them onto the skin. Soft and flawless. :)

What I love of all the products is Mary Kay brow definer pencil which is really pigmented once you applied them on my eyebrows because I have less hair on my eyebrows, as you can see on my before pic >.>

Finally, I finished up with a nude pink lip gloss for my lips which I prefer nude colour for my lips! The lip gloss gave a glossy finish on my lips and it doesn't chapped my lips. That will be a plus point for Mary Kay's lip gloss! :D

Here's my final look after I'm done with all the stuff, I didn't take a picture on the room because Carina were rushing back for dinner! 
You can't see much eyeshadow because I use the eyeshadows as a eyeliner :D

Mary Kay gave me some of the products to try on and I'm looking forward to try their limited edition nail polishes and trying different looks for my eyes! 
I've decided to give the foundation primer to Carina because she seems to love the product and she didn't get anything after the makeover session.
Thank you Mary Kay for the products! 
I will be reviewing them very soon! Perhaps a makeup tutorial with all Mary Kay products? :D

The final verdict: 
Overall the makeover session is just okay for me but during the session the beauty consultant is pretty awkward which I don't know how to react but to just follow what she said during the session and the only problem we had is the masque that did disappoint us a little but nevertheless, we can't blame the beauty consultant entirely at all because she's not the manufacturer but she's just selling the product. However, I love the session where we applied our makeup which what I like the most. :)

For more information, visit Mary Kay website to book your beauty consultant appointment! 

Disclaimer: I was invited by Mary Kay for a makeover session and all cosmetics are given for review purposes and everything was given on honest feedback. 

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