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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I need a relax getaway to Massage Party!

Hello lovelies! As you can see the title of this post, it's pretty obvious that SERIOUSLY I need a full relaxation getaway! Why? Because Butterfly Project is back for another July Project - Massage Party! HOW CAN I NOT MISS?! 

 This is my expression when I heard about the massage party :D

I'm pretty sure most of beauty bloggers knows who's behind all this great AWESOME things for beauty bloggers, she's Mamasan of Butterfly, Tammy

Of course, not to miss two Mamasan's favorite helper that make this event more successful, Illy Ariffin & Alya! :P 
The Butterfly's Project has always been in my heart because they are like my family, same interest and passion - which is BEAUTY! I've never been as cosy and comfortable after meeting all the beauty bloggers from Butterfly Project - no insecurities and we can just be as open, crazy and fun like that! ♥

I'm pretty sure everyone know that I've attended for June's Spa Party but honestly I'm really wanted to get a super relax and peaceful massage but that day I missed for facial or massage because everyone was waiting for their turns and I could only make it for manicure and pedicures T-T yeah, busy with Pink N Proper runways & stuff.

Remember my Amante blog post

Remember the journey that I went through for massage? 

Remember the hot cup of sweet ginger tea that I tasted? 
and I want to make it happen, AGAIN! 

I couldn't tell you more enough because Amante has the best service that I've visited so far! Love the ambiance, the aroma of the place, the soft music that you can sleep with, and friendly staff! 

 I need the feeling of full relaxation and release myself from all the stress that I've had. Need to refresh my mind and soul! 
 She's fast asleep and I want alsooooo. Never had this feeling in a long time. 
 I need a head massage. Why? Because of always sleeping very very late, could cause headaches. x.x 

The only best reason that I need a massage is getting away from the usual hectic life that I'm facing every single day. I just need one getaway, just one. Perhaps you might not know that after a relaxing massage, I could be more active that I'm usually be because I've been very lethargic and can't squeeze any ideas for my assignments and projects lately, which is not good at all.  

Yeap, that's me if I'm too lethargic/tired. 

Keeping the party more fun, we need some props to add some fun! 
If you have been Tammy's Super Birthday Party last week, you know that Ask Joey was the one who's in-charge with the lovely and super creative props and decorations! SO COOL and I missed her Birthday Party T-T
Isn't creatively awesome?! omg how can I not miss this!! 

Ask Joey also provide the following services:

★ Personalized Party Favors

★ Party Decorator

★ Sweet Candy Buffet Centerpieces

★ Design Conceptualization

★ Professional Photography

★ Videography

★ Photo Booth

★ Emcee scripts (weddings or corporate events)

★3D Novelty Cakes, Cupcakes & All Types Of Sweets

★ Customize Invitations & Announcements

★ Party Entertainers (clowns, magicians , inflatables & etc)

★ On Site Liaison

★ Caterers 

This is Ask Joey previous events was based on old school theme which is pretty creative which is nostalgic that reminds me of my childhood! This makes me more curious of how's Massage Party decorations is going to be like? Hmmm. That would remain a mystery. 

Finally, Photobooth Malaysia will be on the Massage Party to help all of us to take tons of pretty pictures that would keep it as the memory! Not only a memory but a memorable event 
They seem very professional and I bet the massage party will be loaded with beautiful and flawless pictures of all of the bloggers! hehehe 

What's the best part? You can take unlimited pictures. Yes, unlimited. 

Hopefully I can go to the massage party, if this reasons above are reasonable enough to enter in the party >,< *crossed fingers*
Yes, that's me with this face.

Here are the collaborators for Massage Party: 

The Butterfly Project

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Photobooth Malaysia

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

See you on 6th July! 


  1. cute agnes 'pretty please' ^_^
    Good luck n wish me luck too :)

    1. I know right! :D Good luck to you too! Hope to see you soon! <3

  2. hello pretty Angeline! hope you get to the massage party! i can go... have fun adn dont forget to share the experience! ;)

    My Blog <3 : Sabrina Tajudin | Beauty, Crafty, & Lifestyle Blog

    My latest post : Missha M B.B Cream Perfect Cover Review

    1. Awww whyyyy D: No worries I will blast all my experience during the party! KEKE

  3. Replies
    1. Agnes is one adorable cutiepie cupcake icing! :P Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your video submission! xoxo

  4. Wow!! cartoons are very funny and cute. Yes, Massage is good for body relaxation and health.

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