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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hishop May Suprise Haul! ♥

Hello lovelies! 

Finally, I have all the time to blog today because I have been very hectically busy past few days since last week! :O I've been attending Global Scholar Program which was organized by my university to interact with UEL (University of East London) students from United Kingdom. It has been such a great experience meeting each and everyone of them!  Supposedly, I should there for the final day but today I have to stay at my dad's office for helping out his stuff T-T Not sure when I'm gonna meet them but I'm gonna miss them so much! 
Will try to post when I got the pictures from the event photographer! :D

Let's skip for today's topic on my blog! 
I've received another Hishop box last month and I was sooooo ecstatic to look forward to blog about it because the products I've received is a bomb! OMG I LOVE ALL OF THE PRODUCTS! 

Every time I received a parcel from the postmen, I will be like a little fat kid likes his food.  ♥
Trying to make happy face attempt fail. lol

Drum rolls please ♥

Here's my May Surprise from Hishop!

# 1 Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun Bronzer
This is product that I'm excited to try on! My first bronzer ever! I've wanted to purchase bronzer but everytime I want to money fly away to all my clothes haul T-T
This bronzer is pretty big and can say it's quite tall for a bonzer like this and just to let you know that Jelly Pong Pong is originated from United Kingdom! 
"Give yourself that post-beach holiday glow with our Brazilian Sun. Puff the bronze dust all over your face, legs, arms & décolleté. The satiny-matte powder is perfect for highlighting your features and giving you that sculpted, sun-kissed finish. Contains Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from harmful UV rays."
Let's see how do it look like inside the box! 
OHHHHH a flower?
No! It's a puffy flower! ♥
Here's how it looks like the bronzer which is on the bottom! 

Jelly Pong Pong bronzer gives my face a sun-kissed look absolutely stunning and suits my summer look!
If you're interested to purchase one, here's the link for more details! 

#2 Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss & Cheek Blusher in Nymphette
Yay! Another beauty product from Jelly Pong Pong! Don't you think the name sounds really quirky? And cute at the same time 
"There is nothing emaciated about this deeply pigmented cream colour. Use our Supermodel Stain to smudge onto cheeks or tap onto lips for a very exciting wash of colour. Comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror for added convenience. Beautifully scented, the long lasting formula holds through all skin types.
Bonus: Contains castor seed oil and beeswax for their moisturizing properties. Also enables you to achieve a smooth, even application."

The lip stain case is pretty small and compact for all girls who's always on the go. It's light and it's easy to just pop it into your bag and when you need it just take out and rock those lips and cheeks for extra pop of colour! Mirror attached is a bonus point! 
The colour that I've received is pretty red and slightly pink-ish which doesn't chapped my lips and it does moisturized my lips & pretty pigmented cream colour! I love the glossiness of the lip gloss / cheek!   I've tried it once and it lasts the whole day long on your lips! Plus, it smells good too! 
If you're interested to purchase on, here's the link for more details! 

#3 Twistband Hair Tie 
A hair tie! I heard this hair ties are now a trend especially in United States, is like our regular black hair band like we used to use in a regular basis
Twistband is the new breed of hair accessory! 

Remember those hair scrunchy days? Usually hair bands always leave a nasty dents on your hair when take it down which no girls like that right? D:

Twistbands invented this to avoid hair dents and it could stretch to support any hairstyles which are yet slim and sleek to wear on your wrist as a arm candy when you don't need to tie your hair! :D

Twistbands are available a variety of colours, pattern and fabrics to choose from to complete your style! 

Oh yes! Hishop is giving out for FREE when you purchase anything from Hishop! Go grab one before out of stock! Here's a link for more! 

Finally, some discount vouchers from Hishop, Milk Deal & WhiteMY!

That's all for my May Surpise from Hishop! 

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  1. It seems like everyone got the bronzer... :D

    1. Yeah and it's pretty too! ♥♥♥♥

  2. love your hishop box! i want the stains so bad! hehe... and that is one big bronzer!

    1. I love your lip frosting too! :P hehe

  3. I have the same things as yours! And I think some friends of mine got crazy with the bronzer

    1. HAHAHAHA coz the bronzer is super big and fluffy!! :D

  4. The bronzer is kinda huge :D and I want those twistbands! :P should head to hishop and do some shopping hehe

    1. Yeap it is huge! :D I think you can buy twistbands at Watsons! :)

    2. Hi Hilda,

      Twistbands are available exclusively at in Malaysia. They are sold in Watsons Singapore nevertheless.

      For any other enquiries, please feel free to contact us at We would be happy to help.

      Best regards,
      Shaun Lee

  5. Major love the bronzer! Such cute packaging!

  6. the bronzer puff is so adorable!! #GIG



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