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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bloop X Hishop Makeup Party @ Sunway Pyramid

Hello lovelies! I've gotten an invitation from Hishop that they will be having a Candy Makeup Blogger Party from Bloop which Carol reminded me to check on my mailbox which I was kinda oblivious about it and I'm pretty sure not all of knew very well about Bloop which was mostly seen on drugstores specifically, Watsons. 

Basically, Bloop is a homegrown cosmetic brand that was engineered with PASSION and LOVE. Bloop has been working with international partners and beauty experts from around the world that access with best line of cosmetics manufacturing, research and technological advancement that was available today. Bloop has almost been over 30 years in the beauty industry which they innovate a new generation makeup that would help women combat for making makeup fast and easy. 
Meet the founder of Bloop, Mrs. Chan

Mrs. Chan straight away starting the workshop with teaching all of us the most fundamental part of makeup; skincare. Firstly, she teaches us how to remove our makeup by using Bloop Makeup Remover and gently wipe off our makeup in upwards direction. 
Yeap, that's me became the model of the day, Part 1 lol

Here's are the steps which it would be easier for you to understand; starting from makeup remover to Marine Botanical Toner which helps hydrate your skin after removing our makeup which sometimes it would cause dry skin due to the usage of makeup. Finally, we appiled some Marine 4 in 1 pure aloe vera gel for extra boost for our skin which also hydrates and smooths our skin to soft and supple. The gel absorbed pretty quick and feeling super refreshing after apply them! 

Here's the fun part; makeup! 

Chency, model of the day part 2 lol

Here's me before applying makeup - oh, dark circles! >.<

Next, I used the Candy cream foundation which has a creamy texture that surprisingly doesn't clog my pores and it has medium coverage but it doesn't cover my dark circles entirely. Nevertheless, this cream foundation gives my face a matte and smooth finish look which is not oily at all. Fair enough. 
It also has 2 way cake foundation which basically is a powder foundation but I think using cream foundation is fairly enough for my face. :)

Mrs. Chan also teaches us how to apply blusher which is applying from the apples of the cheeks and sweep lightly towards the side of our face

There's 3 types of tone for blushers - I'm using the middle blusher; the colour tone is more into peach and coral tone. 

Here's the best part of makeup; applying eye shadows! 
Basically, Mrs. Chan teach us to apply the base of the eye shadow which needs something shimmer either lightest eye shadow colour which the next step would need a darker eye shadow to create a smoky eye effect, by applying on the crease which create a rich and bold colour onto the eyes. 

Her left eye is more prominent than right eye, obviously. lol
Sarah, Model of the day Part 3 lol
Mrs Chan teaches a different colour by using brown eyeshadow which create a more natural look :)

Finally, she proceed to apply a cat-winged eyeliner and also techniques of how to apply a perfect arch eyebrow. Last step by just filled some lip stick and lip gloss on your lips and you're done! 

Here's my final look!
Mrs. Chan applied my right side of my eye a grey-ish eye shadow colour - she's so lovely & friendly which reminds me of my family :D
Still, I needed a concealer to perfect out the makeup >.<
As for the lips, I tried the magic lipstick which is a clear lipstick which instantly create a pink tone on my lips! That's something I never seen before. Isabelle said it's something like mood lipstick, any clues? 

The packaging look something like this - lipstick on the side, lip gloss on the opposite 

Finally, there's a 10 minute mini makeup contest that everyone of us need to create the most creative makeup look which I think mine wasn't obvious on camera :/ 
Yeah, should have appiled more and go more crazy! >.<

Group picture with the beauty bloggers - we are from morning session btw!

Yummy finger food is served! 
Mini dounts! 
A very creative way to decorate the tomatoes that looks like balloons!

Sugar high early in the morning lol
Caroline and Me - apparently, we have the same surname; NG! 
Me & Nicole 
Me, Chency and Sarah photo-boomed haha

3 of us go selca crazy lol

Their decos is super adorable! 

Prize giving time! Each winner will get RM100 Bloop voucher! :)

There's a another lucky draw which I didn't get anything :( oh well haha

Finally, I did express manicure and the colour from my nails is from the Sparkle range in 008 :)
Very nice bronzy glitter colour hehe

Overall, I enjoyed the makeup party which I really learned a lot from the basics to makeup :) Remember to visit their shop, Bloop staff is super friendly and approachable ya! 

For more information on Bloop cosmetics, do visit their social media sites; 

Hishop is an online beauty and cosmetics store where you buy from various of brands. Do visit their website for exclusive privileges, loyalty rewards and exclusive events and value buys!  

Visit Hishop website and Facebook page for more updates! 




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