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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bear Paw 熊手包 ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃ [Pork Free]

Hello lovelies! Have you heard of Bear Paw or known as 熊手包 (in mandarin) 

I knew about this bear paw hamburger while ago on Facebook while I saw someone share it out about this adorably cute hamburger especially by TAR students in Setapak. 

 Isn't adorable with the paw print on top of the burger instead of the regular hamburger?

As far I was acknowledged, that this Bear Paw Hamburger food concept is originated from Taichung, Taiwan and it was famously known for it's cute print paw on top and the patty itself is not the regular patty grilled type, but the patty is being fried. The bread of the hamburger is not the regular hamburger like the ones we used to ate at Mcdonalds, in fact it's made from Chinese bun or "Pao" that we used to ate from Chinese restaurants. 

Until one day, I saw a news about Bear Paw has finally opened one in Cheras Leisuremall and ecstatically, I went to try it last Saturday! :D

" 谁说鱼与熊掌不可兼得? "

" You can have the cake and eat it too! " 
Funny and cute slogan for me haha :3

Once I reached the shop or they known as Taiwanese cafe, the little cafe has loaded with a lot of people because it has opened approximately for almost a week which most Cheras people are curious to try the new snack in Cheras Leisuremall.  :D
When it's my turn to take order, I was told to customized my very own version of Bear Paw and I've choose:

Bun: Milk
Patty: Spicy Chicken
Sauces: Tar Tar 

I can say I'm pretty much on the safe side to try new snack, cause you never know how it taste like. :)
Instead, I can choose the set value meal with more cheaper deal and so, I chose the Bear Paw + Soda Series and they said the Mint Soda was not available (which I really wanted to try the most) :( Instead, they gave me the lemon favour soda. 

Majority of the customers, take away instead of sitting to eat, mainly because most of the seats are full that day. So, I waited for almost 5 mins because lots of people ordering it and I almost got a heart attack because I counted my line and I was the 36th?! :O 

Thankfully, their service is pretty fast. Phew. Took me 5 mins to wait for my Bear Paw.

Here it looks like in reality. 
 I got a bit weird because I thought my bread supposed to be white instead of Brown, since I ordered the Milk Bun. 
Until I realized they gave me the Brown Sugar instead of the Milk, I was like O.O omg! wrong bread!
During that time, I've left Leisuremall and I don't bother to go back and ask for a replacement and so, it's okay to try the Brown Sugar bun. Perhaps, they got mistaken with the order. :)
 Looks good and I can't to dig in! 
 First few bites was pretty good experience and it really taste deliciously good! 
My combination of spicy chicken and tar tar sauce was exceptionally good which it blended well with the favour to it. :D
The bun is pretty soft and fresh, just like the regular soft bun that we used to eat. 
The spicy chicken patty is pretty big and decent too! The fried patty is really juicy and it wasn't oily like those regular fried patty we tried (like fried chicken). They gave me a good amount of sauce with some tomatoes and lettuce which satisfies my taste-buds and my tummy too!   

Although it's not really full for my lunch but it's good for teatime snack :)

Food: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Total price: RM12.90 - it's a lil pricey for me because the bun itself it's not as big as you're expecting for in the picture that I've taken. Or maybe I'm just too stingy. But it's worth to try it. :)
Service: 4/5 - only just the wrong order they gave me.  

Yes, it's Pork Free - any Malaysians can try this adorably delicious snack!
You guys should try it! :)

They have a few branches in Kuala Lumpur: 

  • G6 Platinum Victoria 128 (PV128), Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Cheras Leisuremall  (next to Sakae Sushi)

Business Hours:  

Monday to Thursday 10:30am-12:00am & Friday to Sunday 10.30am-1.00am

Bear Paw Facebook for more details, so check it out! 

Do comment down below if you have tried this cute bun or you're excited to try it!  

Disclaimer: This food post is not sponsored and all expenses are paid by myself and all opinions is given on honest feedback. 


  1. looks so yummy!!! =D

  2. OMG so cute! And pao bun sounds interesting! Too bad Leisure Mall so far away from my house T___T

    1. Aiyo >.< hopefully you could try when you drop by Leisuremall :)

  3. Wanted to try it since damn long ago but bf say overrated and quite far from my place :(

    1. Should give it a try! :) hopefully they open in PJ! haha

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAA IM GONNA EAT THIS TMR> AAAAAAAAAAAa Angeline how could youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. ok I think I'm a spammer now. But it's too adorable !!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA go try laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :P

  5. looks cute and yummy! I'd love to try it but it is far from me :(



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