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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I want a Havaianas so badly?

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure everyone knows Havaianas since it's popular globally. :D


#1 Quality & Choices
I have a cousin who's now living in Colorado right now and 2 years ago, I met my long lost cousin who I have never seen her until that day and she's staying at my house for almost 2 weeks for vacation. So, I brought her and her family to go visit some places in Kuala Lumpur and since she's a girl who has the same passion as I do, which is shopping. lol

Until one day, while both of us walking at Pavilion and we went into a conversation. (FYI, she's 13 but she's so mature more like a 21 years old T-T)

Emily: OMG, my feets hurts like hell. (she's wearing heels)
          I think need a pair of flip flops before we head to Penang!
Me: Ermm, just get a pair of flips flop at some places that sells swimwear or something. 
Emily: No. I wanna get a flip flop from Havaianas. Do they have Havaianas at KL?
Me: What? I don't know. Maybe we could check it out at the directory. 
       But I seriously never heard of that brand....

After finding out there's a store at Pavilion....
Emily: Actually, it's pretty famous on the States and you should buy one! 
          I love Havaianas! It's very comfy!! 
Me: Really? :O

Until she pointed out the store....
Me: Wait. I seen this store before! Isn't this store spelled as "Ha-wai-anas"? 
Emily: No! It's spelled as "Ha-va-ni-cans" (that's what she told me lol!)
Me: Ermmm okay! LOL =.=

That's all for my short convo with my cousin, just to let you know is true story. She's a hardcore fan of Havaianas, she wears them everywhere and stop wearing other of her shoes after buying them and her parents wore Havaianas as well. Super hardcore Havaianas family. No kidding
What I love about Havaianas is it's quality is superb comfy and they offers varieties of choices from wide range of super nice colours! 
Can made rainbow rack! LOL

Not only that, they offers all flip flop for all ages, including babies!! So cute laahh!! :D

#2 Fashion
Who says flip flop is not fashionable? 
Flip flop is so easy to match with any outfits from beach wear to just being super casual lazy, you also can be super fashionable with just a pair of flip flops! 

 Even famous celebrities are wearing Havaianas! 

Wearing Havaianas flip flops can be so chic and fashionable, take a look at the models! 
Hot models wearing Havaianas - so sexayyy! 

#3 This is my flip flop
Every time I brought a flip flop and after wearing them about approximately 3 months my flip flop would ended up like this.....
 This really happens when I'm walking on the shopping mall - so embarrassing! ><
Btw, that's not my flip flop but my flip flop sort of ended up like that every single time! 

By the way, I found a super exotic flip flop that you may like. 

LOL. Just kidding. 

Okay, now I have no flip flops to wear to the beach and I wanted one superb quality of Havaianas to slip on! Bufferfly project, pretty pleaseeeeeee. :P

Here's a picture of me in bikini. 
LOL. Not sexy, at all. 

Hopefully, my lame post would win a pair of Havaianas. >.< *fingers crossed*


Disclaimer: All pics are from Google Images unless stated. 


  1. oh.. i actually will love the grass flip flop! i think i saw similar one somewhere.

    1. really? hahahaha I wonder how does it feels when I wear them :P
      I found it on google :P

  2. hahahaha i was thinking to ask where's ur bikini photo. then scroll scroll scroll... WOW! haha



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