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Monday, May 27, 2013

Unboxing MIVVA box May '13 - Mother's Day Edition ♥

Hello lovelies! Sooo sorry for the most utterly late post because it coming to the end of May and it's kinda of late :/ Anyways, Let's jump start to May's Edition by MIVVA! :)

Here's the beauty box! As usual as the previous MIVVA, however, I'm pretty concern about their box's durability - just that their boxes are more like paper-like (which I'm trying to say is, they are easily can turn into a bad shape)

Nevertheless, let's open!! 
Accompanied by my lil Rilakkuma :3
Sealed with tons of goodies inside that will be revealed in a few seconds.

First, what I saw was their May Edition Card which had pretty design on the cover - as you can see it is for Mother's Day Edition with the words written. :)

Here's the product description for this month's! 
Overall view on the products! 
Oh yes, on courtesy of Mother's Day Edition - they made a Mother's Day card! How delightful! 
There's some lil drawn frames for you to put your pictures with your mum and a message for you how much you love her. How kind MIVVA did! 
Before I start narrowing on every products, I will not copy and paste anymore which I think is not necessary and I will just straight to the point and just summarize what's the product and my review! :)

#1 Somang Danahan RG11 Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream, RM349.90 @ 35ML
Function : Double functioning cream for whitening and deep-wrinkles (they claimed as botox-like cream)

At first, I wasn't trilled because I'm not much like sachet samples (sorry to say) but when I saw it has whitening and anti-aging functions - okay I will try :)

#2 O'slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder, RM49.90 @ 55G
Function : micro-foam cleansing powder that removes blackheads and cuticles without drying your skin

This is my very first time seeing a face cleanser that comes in powder foam!! woahh looks pretty much cool and I think it would be suitable to use it while you're on the plane!  

#3 Garden Of Eden Jojo E Serum, RM39.90 @ 15ML | RM63.90 @ 32ML
Function : 100% natural concentrates that strengthens the skin's firmness and elasticity against stretch marks and also for dry & itchy skin

So basically, it like a vitamin oil whereby it's good for pregnant women who has stretch marks OR if you have some stretch marks on your buttocks; you can use it too! I heard it works! But the consistency of the serum is pretty thick and all you need is just 2 drops and that's it! 

They included a pamplet and promotion for mother's day! 

#4 Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub, RM76 @ 250ML
Function : Rich with blend of unique natural exfoliating agents that renewed your skin, smooth and healthy! (Winner of the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Award 2011 Best Body Scrub)

I heard about this brand but I never tried it before and so, hopefully this works for my skin! I need new healthy smooth skin too! by the way, that's a good sample size to try! 
They included RM20 Discount Voucher for all MIVVA subscribers when you purchase any brands stated! 

#5 Clarie Organics Handmade Soap in Guinness Stout Soap with Organic Raw Honey , RM16 - RM22 @ 100G
Function: Naturally handmade soap which Guinness Stout Soap is for revitalizing and anti-acne and doesn harm your skin in a long run

This handmade soap that I have been curious to see how it looks like and how it works! Thank you MIVVA for including this and I'm excited to try it! There's few flavours to choose from and also depending on your skin condition too! 

#6 Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask, RM95 @ 80G & Aupres Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum, RM150 @ 30ML
Function : Provides immediate hydration and restoring dewy and supple complexion on your face & as for serum; inhibits dark spots and improves skin dullness to prevent melanin and leaving more radiant and brighter skin. 

I've tried it quite a few times and I love the sleeping mask! It's really hydrating when you wake up from bed and after washing off the mask - I feel my face turns to supple and smooth like baby skin! :p AND, that's a good sample size for me to try on about few days!

They gave an exclusive invitation for FREE Facial Massage & skin consultation from Aupres! 

Another one was a complimentary 4-IN-1 Body Detoxification Therapy from Mary Chia Malaysia and I'm still deciding but worried at the same time because usually for slimming centres like this always keep pushing people to purchase their courses that costs a BOMB! >,<

Finally, not in the list - they gave a little cute rose cup! So cute!

What do I think of this month's beauty box? 

  • Honestly, I prefer this box comparing last month's -  because there's more products are more related to my interest and that I'm pretty excited to try it! 
  • Even though all of them aren't cosmetic products but I'm still happy with the box! 
  • I love how they added some some little extra gifts which I think they are really thoughtful - they even help you to make a card for your mom to save time & idea too!!
  • Plus, they're so much stuff that ME & MY MUM CAN TRY especially the sleeping mask & the anti-wrinkle cream! :)
  • What I'm concern is the box - but not so much worried or something; I just hated it when it comes into a bad shape when it arrives. 
  • Looking forward to next month's MIVVA and please improve, you guys doing a great job! 

If you're interested to subscribe MIVVA; visit their social media sites for more info: 

MIVVA monthly subscription price: RM38

Do comment down below which items you like so far for this month's beauty box! 
That's all for now and see you in next post! ♥ 

Cheerios! ♥ 

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