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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Bufferfly Project - Unzipping Bag of Love X Delectable by Su tea party!

Hello lovelies! Remember the previous post that I posted about the upcoming tea party? Link here. Yes, I got chosen from The Butterfly Project, yay! ♥ 

Let's jump into the event shall we? :D

The tea party was held in Delectable by Su in Paradigm Mall and I was placed into the afternoon session and apparently I was planning to go to the event with Carolyn (I thought that she chose afternoon session) but she got the morning session and sadly the space is too small to fit another person. :( 

Therefore, I went to tea party with Emily Tang :D (she got into afternoon session too!)
Once I've reached Delectable, I was sooooo attracted with the candies and cupcakes display and I bet tons of people from outside was eye-ing on that section haha! 

*saliva drooling* (*¬*)
April's Bag of Love Debut Bag 

Yummylicious food on the table!! Macaroon.... (*¬*)

Tiramisu!  ♥ 

With Emily Tang - second time meeting her :D
Cup of English tea during tea time *sipping like a lady*
Feeling so "atas" for that moment hahahaha

The event started with Mimi, the founder of Bag Of Love giving a welcoming speech and a brief intro about Bag of Love.
Look who's behind Mimi! 

Time for unzipping session!! 
Super excited about what goodies they gonna pamper us! 
FYI, this bag's theme is eco-friendly in conjunction of Earth Month! I love how she's concern about the environment and being eco-friendly ♥ 

Here's what is inside the Bag of Love April Debut bag! 
no worries, I will do a Bag of Love review like usual. :)
First impression for me is really good! I love all of them!
The most favourite products are Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist and Definite Contour Brush. :3

The rest of the event is EAT! :p
 You guys should try Delectable high tea is really delicious! 
Their price is pretty reasonable! 

Delectable tea set for only RM15 per pax! 

Which includes: 
  • A pot of English tea
  • Spicy Sausage Puff
  • Chocolate Macaroon
  • Roasted Cashews 
  • Carrot Cake
  • Moist Chocolate Cake 
  • 2 Delectable Cookies
  • Cherry Almond Cake 

* 1 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 1 of each savories and sweets & 2 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 2 of each savories and sweets *

with the bloggers & vloggers ♥ 
A random shot of me from Tammy :D

Here's some shots with the bloggers! 
Li Chuen
Apparently, her blog name is Ben Dan which I thought her name is really Ben Dan :P 
Choulyin Tan 
Jennifer Hew - so cute pose! :P

w/ Mimi & Tammy :D
Mimi is super friendly and sweet and didn't knew that she's a mummy too! 

Finally, Delectables by Su surprise us a little gift! 
The whole collection of Delectable by Su badges! So cute! 
*spot Ben Dan behind*
Apparently, I took the huge ass scrabble to take picture with :P 

Swee San - Nice to meet you! :D

Took a last picture before leaving :) *pic from my iPhone 4* 

During the event, Mimi called my name when we are having high tea feast and she passed me 3 bottles of Murad Cleanser and I was so confused and not knowing what is going on. Eventually, she told me I won her recent giveaway and I was like YAYYYYYYYYYY *ok la, happy to the max*

Yes! I have 3 months supply of Murad Cleanser! Thank you Mimi!! ♥ 

Thank you The Butterfly Project , Bag of Love and Delectable by Su for this unforgettable amazing tea party! 

Before I end my blog post, here's a vlog from Farah about this tea party! 
Watch & Enjoy! 

Check out their social media sites if you want to know more: 

Signing off.


  1. awww.... so much love n pics from this post <3.... and alot photo bombers toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XD thx for coming & supporting the community, hope you make lots new friends from here and continue to be bubbly and lovely <3 blogger

    1. hehehehee :P Thanks to you for inviting me to such nice events!

      You know I love going to blogger events :P

      You're bubbly and super happy meow blogger too hehe :D

  2. Hi Angeline. nice to meet u too!

  3. OMG, the sweet treats are so tempting! Thanks for sharing, Angeline xx

    Celyx Lim

    1. Don't need to thank me :) I love sharing! :D

  4. aww so jealous so many event to go aww!!~~ keeping in the house made me wanna crazy aduhhhh!!



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