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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pink N' Proper; Spring / Summer 2013 Collection ♥

Hello lovelies! You guys already knew that I've collaborated with Pink N' Proper and being their model for Pink N' Proper's latest collection which I'm really thankful and appreciate that I could have this opportunity with the Pink N' Proper crew! ♥

Remember those days when you're scrolling the US & UK fashion website and kept drooling and envy(ing) that they have nicer outfits than Malaysia? I'm always like OMGIWANT#@4%!! T-T
It's okay to purchase them internationally, but the main problem would be TAX TAX TAX!!
OR sometimes you would be like....

Apparately, our fashion trends is WAYYYYY BACK while in USA & UK people always keep the most trendiest fashion on fashion world!  

With Pink N' Proper; everything is solved. 

Let me give you a brief introduction for those who just knew about this website! 

Pink N Proper was founded in August of 2011. They are one of the only few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, ASOS, Vero Moda, Coco’s Fortune, Boohoo and many more. Pink N' Proper's mission is to expose and introduce Malaysians to branded products that are not usually found in local retailers. They also specialize in current fashion trends ranging from classy dinner dresses to casual work wear to formal meeting wears. What's best thing about Pink N' Proper? They deliver worldwide. 

Unless you live in Mars. :P (kidding!)

  1. Most of their pieces are unique and not usually seen in Malaysia / you can't see in retail outlets.
  2. All fully imported from United Kindgom and across Europe - it's obvious from the brands stated. 
  3. Affordable price - they always have their promo on " Pay Day Week" and "Wednesday Bargain" - which is less than RM100! C'mon less than RM100 from UK brands? That's a great deal!! 
  4. Quality and originality assured - Pink N' Proper only caters for ORIGINAL BRANDS with the highest quality. Yes, no fake and copy cat brands. 
  5. Exchangeable for customers who's dissatisfied with their purchase within 3 working days after receiving the item. 
  6. Pink N' Proper is a Fashion Finder too! 

You must be wondering....

What is a Fashion Finder?

Got a favourite U.K. brand (or a U.S. brand but available in the U.K., or any other websites that delivers to the U.K.) you're currently interested in but you have no means in getting it, or heck, it's sold out? Or if you have a prom coming up and you need some advice or someone to source you something unique? Or maybe you don't find anything in their blog suitable for your needs. Therefore, Pink N' Proper had a Fashion Finder Inspirations every twice a week, starting this Thursday 12pm sharp, to give you all a clue what is out there in the U.K. highstreet!
Pink N' Proper's new logo

I present you...
Pink N' Proper SS13 Collection ♥
One of my favourite pieces and I've owned one for myself! ♥

This classic piece is super edgy and with just a basic dress, you can be so different!

What I love about this dress?
Quality is super soft and I like how it brings out my curves ♥
BTW; AX is a popular brand across Europe and UK! 

I love this dress so flowy and the quality is superb too! 
Just to let you know, Rare London is a consignment brand that retails at Topshop and it's a best-selling boutique in UK! 

I think this one of my favourite pieces despite it's so floral and simple with a peter pan collar and the dress is so soft like you're wearing a pajamas! (in a good way)

That black top is a lace top : click the item name to look at the details :D

Best outfit for prom if you have the love for PINK! ♥

I love the design of the dress and once I wear I felt like a Grecian hahaha :P 

Recently I have a love obsession with skater dresses and I love the floral prints too! :3

That's not all, there's more dresses for you to check out the rest of the collection; 
click here

Pink N' Proper once again, who is super generous to give out super great deal to all of you
Thank you again for supporting me throughout this whole journey with Pink N' Proper and hopefully more opportunities will happen again in the future! ♥
10% discount for all my lovelies and just use the code: AANGELINE
You can either choose the FREE POSTAGE OR 10% DISCOUNT
I prefer to get the 10% discount to be honest :P 

Don't forget to check out Pink N' Proper Facebook page for more updates! 


Till then, 



  1. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Farisha! I'm still learning haha :)

      This is my 3rd photoshoot :D

    2. Keep it up dear, you'll be a pro soon I'm sure! :D

  2. you look good in all those outfit! will take a look at pink n proper later :)

  3. Super prettyyyyy! Model face T_T envy haha

    1. I don't consider myself super pretty la haha
      Just average pretty :P

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you thank *pat my own shoulder* belanja makan me again XDDDDD (eventho everytime we go out, you always treat me nom nom :P)



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