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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Journey with Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure you guys saw my Facebook page that I have attended Talika's event invited by The Lilac Box team, like few months ago (March). :)

First and foremost, I wanted to apologize you guys for not updating this event which I felt super gulity and also to the Lilac team also. :/ I hope that you guys forgive my utterly late blog post about Talika. 

Nevertheless, this event is mainly on Talika Photo Beauty Therapy launch and I was glad that I'm invited this exclusive event. Thanks to The Lilac team! 

At first, I knew about this particular brand from some beauty bloggers who attended the previous event. 
During that time, I was really late for the launch because I was at One Utama for another event and I'm sort of latecomer and I felt really "paiseh" when I went inside :/ 

Briefly, I will telling what's this launch mainly about. 

Basically, Talika had launched their new skincare which is called Photo-Beauty Therapy which is the 1st skincare line which transforms light energy into cellular energy

Inspired by Aerospace Energy. 

Sounds fascinating, eh? 

Here's a beautician introducing Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Aging Line and Brightening Line. 
Photo Credits to Mai Sarah 

Here's a Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti Aging Line. 
Basically, each range has 2 bottles and the tallest bottle among Talika skincare is The Light Essence; Cellular Activator Photo-Beauty Therapy. (most right)

The Light Essence acts like a correction curve, an "equalizer", which takes just a few seconds to reset all "cell counters" to zero! Meanwhile, it boosts the youthfulness process in your epidermis. 

This Cellular Activator can be used in Anti-Aging Line OR Brightening line

Benefits for Cellular Activator: 

  • Transforms light into cellular energy for a global anti aging action (Photo-Beauty Enzyme)
  • Helps to brighten the complexion and diminish the intensity of dark spots.
  • Helps to regenerate and protects the skin's DNA (Photo-Beauty Enzyme)
  • Hydrates, relieves discomfort. (contains hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids, rose water and vegetal glycerin)

Me, Kygan (The Lilac Box), Cindy & Sarah

So here's a thing - I've decided to try out Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Line to take a test to see whether this range of skincare really works. 

Here's my previous face....

My skin problems on my face is:

  • Oily T-zone ; common for all young adults
  • Pimples and acne on my forehead and there's some pimple scars around my forehead too! 
  • I have a dull face - which I have consulted by a beautician dermatologist few months ago :(
  • My unstable dark skin is due to previous sunburns and I always joins sports without putting any sunscreens! >.< (I have learnt my lesson!)
  • I have dry skin especially on my cheeks and the side of my face - which cause some dry flakes on the side 
  • My skin is consider as skin combination of OILY AND DRY SKIN. 

Before I reveal my current skin routine : I did edit the photo in middle brightness for better picture on my Photoscape and I don't have any Photoshop software, FYI. 

Here's my current skin condition after 2 months after using Talika: 

For me, this product really works on my skin! My skin has gradually become more brighter than my previous skin condition! My cheek and side areas on my face is more hydrated and NO MORE DRY FLAKES!! 
At first, I did suspected that my skin would turns out to be oily and more pimples will pop out my face because usually brightening range has more concentrated texture which is usually suitable for dry skin.  
My skin is more supple and smooth and you can see that my pimple or any acne scars has gradually gone and of course with a little help of Kiehl's too! Teehee! If you want me to review what Kiehl's products I've used , just comment down below! :D

*FYI, some spots or my forehead is birthmarks lol (I'm serious)
It's so weird that my face has pink-ish skin which really shows that my skin is more healthy and more hydrated than before. This thing really does lightens my complexion! :3 

My current skin is considered as NORMAL SKIN - I just consulted by the dermatologist a week ago! ♥ I was so happy!  :3


This is what I have used throughout my skincare for the past 2 months! 
I don't want to show what other products I used because this post is mainly about Talika, but hey, most products I used is from Talika! :D

The Cellular Activator is more like watery texture and it smells really nice like rose water! :D
This brightening serum that I love soooo much! The texture is not really oily and once I applied on my face, I feel refresh and it absorbs pretty quick on my skin! 

This would be current favourite and hopefully in a long run! 
Thank you Talika for giving me great skincare products! 

You can visit Talika social media sites for more info! 

Thank you The Lilac Box for inviting me to the exclusive event! 

Do check out The Lilac Box Facebook and their website for more updates! They provide the best premium products for all subscribers! 

Disclaimer: Talika skincare products is given for review purposes, all opinions are given on honest feedback. 


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  3. Can see the improvement.. Very obvious. :)

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