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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Yadah! @ Cheras Leisuremall

Hello lovelies! Yesterday I've attended Yadah's Birthday Bash at Cheras Leisuremall and this is my first time attending Yadah's event and FIRST TIME attended an event at Leisuremall! haha! It just nearby my mum's saloon :P Just 2 mins walk to Leisuremall! Anyways, thanks to Rabiatul for the kind invitation :)

By the way, this event was a public event :)
FYI, Yadah just turns sweet sixteen! :D

I had already knew about this brand for quite some time and I have seen some bloggers raving about the products but I didn't get to know more and hopefully I do, in the future. :)
 Yummy Birthday Cake and chocolate cupcakes! 
Some Yadah's beauty products for you to try on and there's a Yadah expert who consult for you on which product suits your skin :)
 I heard the Lip balm is the best selling product - true? 
 Super duper colourful cake with Yadah's face! It taste good too because it's blueberry cheese cake, that's surprising! 
Because, I ain't regular sponge cake with tons of creams fan! lol

There's tons of activities available during the event, there's manicure section for RM5 and Hanbok fitting with polaroid taken w/ a nice ring for only RM5! (that's not too bad, right?)
Plus a 2 session lucky draw that you could win Yadah's products & PG mall bags! I didn't win tho T-T
 There's props for you to use while photo taking with dressing up hanbok! :)
Pretty vintagy rings :D

Here's a picture of me and Chency haha :P
Credits to Chency's blog

There's a mini fashion show courtesy from Yadah X PG Mall (it's a shopping online store)

Most of the time, we spend ourselves taking pictures :P
 Chency & yours truly 
Meet Farisha & Cindy 
*grabbed from Farisha's blog*
 Charmaine, Jennifer, me & Sarah
 Here's a funny picture of us! haha! 
Hey, I didn't knew Emily is behind haha! 
*Taken from Cindy's blog

 Candid shot of me, taken by Farisha :P

Here's some goodies I've gotten from the event 
Thank you Yadah for the lovely goodies! 

More blog posts pending and coming soon, stay tuned lovelies! 



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    1. Yup! I still waiting for some to upload and I can't wait to see ahahha

  2. You guys made the event fun lol xD

  3. Like the photos, we are so full of expression !!! hahaha



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