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Monday, May 27, 2013

Excited for the Spa Party with the Butterfly bloggers! ♥

OMG! Did you heard about the biggest Spa Party for the bloggers community?! 
I heard this party gonna be massive and awesome!! ♥ ♥
 Yes, I want to join the fun with other beauty bloggers!! ♥♥

Here's the banner on more details about the Spa Party! ♥
This event is organized by The Butterfly's Project whereby this beauty and lifestyle bloggers community get to join in the fun with tons of events and activities with all bloggers! ♥

This community is founded by Miss Tammy Meowww (
First of all, she's a humble and down-to-earth lady who is really approachable and treated all of us just like family ♥ She also known as the Mama of The Butterfly Project hehe ♥

3 Reasons Why I want to join the Spa Party!  

1. Meeting with bloggers 
Before I started to join the Butterfly project, I was shy and afraid to approach any bloggers especially during events never know people will talk back behind of you or maybe some are not friendly at all...(I'm being honest here) but after joining the Butterfly community, I felt more open and realized that all Butterflies in this community is super friendly and approachable ♥ I had made tons of friends inside the beauty community and I'm loving it! ♥
 Amazing fun experience with beauty & lifestyle bloggers and looking forward to met more new people! ♥

2. I need a relax getaway! ♥
Since I'm on my summer break, just finished my finals (phew!) Too much studying and been staying up all night without realizing day or night - srsly been up for sleepless nights! I'm officially a panda!! @.@ 

It's the right time for me to get a full relaxation and a little bit of fun to enjoy while I'm on my summer break! I wanted to have fun to the fullest before I started my new semester! I mean who doesn't want to have fun? :D 

Since the theme for this Spa Party is PINK & PURPLE - which is delightfully my favorite colour! ♥

Finding for a perfect outfit for the Spa Party?
Here are some inspirations that I got inspired by ♥
 Sweet and girly style with delicate pink heels ♥

 Or you want something summer / hipster-ish with cool Jeffery Campbell heels w/ fierce biker jacket? (Actually I like this :P)

 Either you want to go something pastel-ish with a combination of pink and purple? 
Very girly and sophisticated ♥

Screw all outfits and wear something simple? 
Just throw on a crop top with a high wasted floral shorts with sandals ♥
(I think is suitable for Spa Party because we will be doing spa and manicures! :D) 

*Credit pics from*

Super duper awesome collaborators with my favorite brands ♥ 

I'm so happy for Pink N' Proper because they collaborated with The Butterfly Project ♥  
Plus, there's a photobooth by Fotobox! OMG THAT'S AWESOMESAUCE! 
Timeless Truth has the best masks every provided that gives your skin smooth! 
Can't wait to indulge awesome bite size foods from Idea Food Solution :3 
My all time favourite brand - The Body Shop gives the most natural ingredients for bath soaps to cosmetics! :D
I can have soft and smooth skin thanks to Johnson's & Can't wait for Tres Chic Party Planner to design the most cutest and girly party for beauty bloggers at Posh! Nail Spa
While then, all of us can wear the most comfy flip flops from Havaianas
Finally, Only that provides tons of freebies that everyone could try at home! :)

And there's more sponsors that I'm totally speechless and trilled about it 

Here are the sponsors:

Click this link to find out how you can score a ticket to the Spa Party! 
(In condition: as long as you blog!)

*Fingers crossed* that I'm able to join the biggest Spa Party this upcoming June! Please let me in the awesome party!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Good Luck to all Bloggers who's participating! 
See you and looking forward to meet all of you! 

Comment down below if you're excited as I do!  



  1. Okay, I seriously envy you right now that you're done with finals and on your break already. That destination seems miles away for me, sigh so exhausted.

    1. I feel you, babe. Been that situation like you're facing now. Don't give up! :)
      Holidays coming your way! <3

  2. Great Post :)

  3. Thank is one cute excited face! all the best dear! im excitedddd!

    1. You too! :D hahaha too excited face :P

  4. love your blog! keep it up :)



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