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Monday, May 13, 2013

Everyone needs a Party Hat! ☆

 Hello lovelies! 

Have you always wanted to have a your-very-own themed party?
Wanted to organize a huge fancy birthday party? 
Wanted to be the princess of the occasion? 

Currently, I'm planning for my upcoming 21st Birthday party on coming September and still wondering and planning what theme should I do or what kind of preparations that needed to be done ;)

Here are my inspirations for my 21st birthday party :D

With a help of Party Hat, all my problems for preparing my upcoming birthday party will be solved by Party Hat team. :D

Party Hat offers various types of services on site or mobile basis - right on your doorstep. 
All you have to do is...

  1. Choose a party theme and venue - it can be your house or any restaurants
  2. Then they will bring all party decos and supplies to beautify your party! 
If you wanted to plan a nice themed birthday party for your kid, just call Party Hat to the rescue!  

Not only Party hat does themed children parties but they also offer services to: 

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Full Moon
  • Social Events - it can be your girlie night slumber party :D
Plus, Party Hat designs adorable decos props like tags, toppers, and also banners! (according to your request!) & IT'S FREE OF CHARGE!! 

Here are some of the offers available on package! 

 Princess Pamper Party - omg sooo girlie I want! 
Cupcake Decorating Party 

Pizza Making Party 

 Bento Making Party - something I've never heard of!

 Dessert Table Decoration 

Choices available: 

 Themed Party Decoration

Personalized Party Printables 
♥ Chocolate Wrappers     ♥ Bottle Label     ♥ Food Toppers     ♥ Banner     ♥ Gift Tag
     ♥ Photo Props      ♥ Signage     ♥ Stickers    ♥ Food Label   ♥ Straw Tag
♥ Treat Bag Toppers    ♥ Cake Bunting    ♥ Party Packs etc
All printables have a MOQ of 30 pcs (except for banner, bunting, food label & signage)

For more information, go check out Party Hat social media sites:

Any related questions you wanted ask, kindly email or call Party Hat:
  • / 017 380 5560

Disclaimer: All photos are grabbed from Party Hat and google images 

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