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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Surprise from Hishop!

Hello lovelies! Last week, I gotten a email from Hishop and so, I participated Hishop Beauty Ambassador Programme for bloggers and I was expecting their parcel would be later, not so soon. Not long after a few days, it suddenly came into my doorstep! Seriously, surprised! Wow, thumbs up Hishop! 

Let me give you a little background for those who don't know what is Hishop :D
Hishop [pronounced as Hai-shop] is an online beauty and cosmetics store that offers genuine products and their motto is beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime and anywhere! 

Of course, let's see what surprise they gonna give me. :3

Here's the products I got! 
On registration list, Hishop gave me various of choices that I can choose - from skincare, cosmetics, body and much more! So, I chose skincare and cosmetics. :D

I just linked the products if you're interested to purchase :D

Not only that, I gotten some samples which is Nature & Co Vital Purify Lift Mask (purple sachet) and Pure White Milky Lotion (green sachets). Also, a 8% off voucher from Milkadeal  too! 

What's great about this online shop is each time you checkout the products you want to purchase, Hishop will at least give you choices of samples for you try! Most of them are deluxe samples! :D

Here's a great deal to all of you! Whoever is reading my blog! :P
Hishop is giving away RM20 off for any purchase above RM100!! 

Here's a discount code: LOVEHISHOP (expires till 30 June 2013) 

Just exclusively for all of you! 

Don't forget to subscribe Hishop newsletter for more exclusive offers! Their offers given is pretty good! 

Check out Hishop social media sites: 

Do give them a thumbs up for more updates! 



    1. The toner is so big! Please write a review about it. :D
      btw, I'm having a cc cream giveaway on my blog. Here's the link, just in case you want to enter :D

      ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔

    2. Wow, the toner bottle is indeed big. Thanks for sharing, Angeline! :)

      Celyx Lim

      1. No problem Celyx! You should join too! :)

    3. Woots I got yadah shampoo and a pack of masks hehe :D

    4. Wahhhh so nice, I heard Yadah shampoo is pretty good! :D



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