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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Shopaholic's Den - Clothes Buffet 2013!

Hello lovelies! Yesterday, I went to A Shopaholic's Den Clothes Buffet 2013 which was held at The CRIB, KL. Well, I heard pretty nice feed backs from friends and bloggers about this event which was held in Jaya One, last year and I was like, why not give it a try? 

Thanks to Carolyn who helped me to book the VIP session with her. :D 
What's so special about VIP session is that members who register at Phat Culture online store are entitled to get 1 hour Clothes Buffet where you can get as many as you can within an hour, which I was pretty lucky to be on the VIP session. :)

Yes, they do open for walk-in customers which was after the VIP sessions. :)

I didn't really know what's THE CRIB until I went there and realized it's a house nearby Taman Bahagia LRT Station at PJ. It took us some time to find this place :o

How was the process? 
Firstly, you've to register and pay RM50 and they will give a A4 size zip-lock plastic bag & finally, go in the room and grab as much as you can to fit in the bag! 
There's a penalty of RM20 if you've teared the bag! :O

Here's how it looks like inside - this was the new session after my session ended :)

Once the session ended, they will checked your zip lock bag and they need to make sure that your bag is really zipped tightly without any holes. 

When you're done with it, there's Smooshie store for you to indulge with chiling super delicious cold drink for you to feel refreshed during a hot afternoon.  
Say cheese! :P 

Smooshie provide varieties of freshly squeezed juices and it's super tasty and it's all naturally healthy drink! :D - I was recommended by one of my friends to try this drink! 

I tried Green Apple + Lemon grass + Rambutan and honestly, it's was sooooo good! 

There's more stores for you to visit when you're at Clothes Buffet :)
 Manicure session
 Some little stores where they sell from accessories to clothes and beauty products! :)

Spotted my photoshoot picture with Pink N' Proper @ Clothes Buffet because they are one of the sponsors :D

OOTD of the day!
Army top: found somewhere laying on my house :P
Shorts: Dickies from FOS - for only RM10! (it was a long jeans when I brought them)
Loafers: Topshop
Bag: my Granny's vintage bag
Acessories: H&M & some random places...

I know you guys are more excited to see what I got :P
The total of clothes that I managed to tucked it in inside the bag was 9 pieces and I heard someone broke the record of putting in 13 pieces inside the bag! :O 

Here's my haul from Clothes Buffet
 I've managed to get 5 tops and 4 dresses which is okay for me :)
I will try to do OOTD with this clothes that I've gotten :) 
Pardon me of my unflattering red hanger :P

Overall experience: 
  • This is my first experience to Clothes Buffet which was pretty fun :)
  • As for choices of clothes they have during my session was okay for me but I do heard some bad comments from some ladies that I met during the session; because they are not satisfied with the choice of clothes which they think it does not worth RM50. 
  • I was expecting more people to come because I saw their 2nd Installment was pretty massive
  • What I knew was some of the profits that they collected will go to All Women's Action Society (AWAM) 
  • I saw some latecomers which they will only get the leftovers which most of the stuff has been grabbed by others :/ - so, if you want to come, be early! :)

That's all for my quickie blog post - stay tuned for more reviews! :)


Disclaimer: most of the pictures are taken from my iPhone and this is a non-sponsored post and I paid myself to join Clothes Buffet. 


  1. Wow, nice haul! And the Smooshie drink looks cute and delicious :D I never knew there was such a place nearby that LRT station, haha~

    1. I've heard of that place but I didn't know where it was :O
      Yes, Smooshie is awesomeeeeee! I wanna minum lagi!! :P

  2. Replies
    1. Most of the size are free size but I aware that they do have some plus size pieces around :)

  3. The floral dress is pretty :)

    1. Ya, nobody took that but I was lucky hehe

  4. I was in the first session and the clothes okok only :( I didnt managed to get any dresses but tops lol

    1. really? I thought first session has nice clothes coz first come first serve? :)

  5. 9 pieces of clothing in an A4 size bag is very impressive already! :)

  6. I went for the clothes buffet for the previous round
    ( Link: )
    and I think the selection was better then..
    Perhaps it's because of the different sponsors la >< Last time there were a lot of Bangsar boutiques which participated, and I snagged a lot of tops from Baci! :)
    I love that blue dress you got! Looks cute. :D



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