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Monday, April 22, 2013

[CLOSED] Swaggy Cases & GIVEAWAY! ♥

Hello lovelies! When I brought my very first iPhone 4, I was so ecstatic to buy new cases especially on the night market and online shops which has really nice detailed pattern on the back. Buying iPhone cases is like buying clothes for my child. LOL However, some cases I've purchased are like $$$$, pricey. 

Until, few years passed and now I'm still sticking with my iPhone 4 while everyone has updated their gadgets to iPhone 5 and I wasn't concerned much about beautifying on my iPhone and ended up buying RM5 iPhone case from Daiso and I'm broke at the same time. lol and the weird thing is my old cases started to get oily O.O that I have no idea what happened to them once I've stopped using them. O.o

Not till, one day I've received a parcel from Swaggy and I'm personally knew the owner very well. So,she gave me some iPhone cases which are so pretty and also despite the quality is really good! When I asked her the prices for the case, and they are actually really affordable! :)

 Currently, I'm using this pink Bow tie case which is my current love for my iPhone ♥
Oh Swaggy you know me well! :P
 *pretending to take a phone call* :P
 The detail on the back of the iPhone case is really pretty with glitters which gives extra icing on the cupcake! Love it! ♥
*p/s: there's some strokes on the back - my fault of being too rough to my phone lol*

Not only that, Swaggy selling tons and tons of different unique cases for iPhone and Samsung too! :)
 Love all cases here but my next target would be Marc by Marc Jacobs doggy case!
Plus, I've just ordered Hello Kitty Powerbank from Swaggy and I really need them especially my iPhone's battery doesn't last for a day! >.< ishhh

Swaggy is so generous of giving me few iPhone cases and I've decided to share some iPhone cases with one of you guys! :D
Thank you Swaggy for giving me this cases! :)

I guess it's time for you to change a new iPhone case! & sorry for anyone of you who's using Samsung phones. :(

 I will be giving out 2 iPhone cases, means there will be 2 winners for this giveaway!
Suitable for iPhone 4/4s
Here's how you can win any of them! 
  1. Like Swaggy & Average Angeline  
  2. Leave a comment below to inform me which iPhone case you want to win, eg: "I want to win iPhone case A/B" 
  3. Don't forget to include your name and your email - so that I can email you if you're the lucky winner! :)
*Bonus point: Share this blog post in your Facebook and write "I want to win this case from Average Angeline
Don't forget to tag *Average Angeline*, so that I can easily keep track on it! :)

This giveaway ends at 1st May 2013! I will announce the winners on the next day on my Facebook page! So, better keep on track on my page for the announcement! :)

Once I've announced the winners, the winners will have to reply my email in 48 hours before I post out the prize! :) 

*for Malaysian citizens only 

Before I end this post, here's some random pictures of me while I'm taking this review! :P

I know I'm werid pls don't laugh at me HAHAHAHAHA :P

Remember to join this giveaway! :)
Good Luck and Cheerios! 


  1. ahhh I want to enter ur giveaway but mine is a blackberry :(

  2. Hello Angeline ♥
    I would like to win Iphone case A. Although I am a Samsung user, but I would like to win that case for my brother as one of his birthday presents :3 (his birthday is on 30/4, late present is better than no present, hehe)
    My name is Kiko / PikKhee. My email is
    Have a nice day ;)

  3. I want to win iPhone case B :D And thank you so very much for hosting the awesome giveaway Angeline and Swaggy ;)

    Name: Nicole Tan
    Email: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Shared on Facebook:

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  5. Hi hi...I would like to win iphone case is very nice...=) Thanks a lot ya...=)

    Name: Cheng Hui Sin

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  7. I want to win iPhone case A :)

    I'm Chermaine Tan and my email is

  8. Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone just so I could customize it with cute cases! I really like yours- the pink with the bit of shimmer is so feminine!


  9. I want to win iPhone case B.


    Thank you!!

  10. she gave me some iPhone cases which are so pretty and also despite the quality is really good! Pelican Military Cases


  11. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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