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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink N' Proper X Average Angeline Giveaway! ♥

Hello lovelies! I have been MIA from my blog for about a week plus due to my assignment but nevertheless, I'm now free because I have finally submitted my final assignment! *tears of joy* T^T

I'm pretty sure, if you have liked my Facebook page you would know that I've posted photo shoot pictures on my Facebook page that I have collaborated with Pink N' Proper. Weird and funny to say, most of my friends thought that I'm the founder of Pink N' Proper. lol Well, that wasn't mine tho, I'm just collaborating with them to do photoshoots and I love experiencing new things. Well, if I'm the founder I would be wearing their dresses every day nyek nyek XD *onwer of PNP pls don't kill me* :P

There's 2 sessions of photoshoots that I collaborated with them - one was Look Book and another was product photo shoot.

Here's a few pictures that are from Look Book
I'm wearing Coco's Fortune Quilted PU Pearl Bomber Jacket 

You can take a look at a video of behind the scenes for Pink N' Proper SS13 Collection! :)

I'm wearing Rare London Sheer Dip Hem Dress in Mandarin
I love this picture - the headband reminds me of Kate Middleton haha :P
I'm wearing ASOS Rosette Dress in Pink

There's more Look Book pictures and to view more click this link ♥
Don't forget to give a thumbs up! :D

Pink N' Proper just launched their SS13 Collection few days ago and go and take a look at the dresses and outfits they're selling! Honestly, I love their dresses especially the superb quality because most of the clothes are branded such as ASOS, H&M and Rare London from UK
My favorite outfits from Pink N' Proper SS13 collection!  
Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono
This outfit would be cool to wear in Coachella Festival! :)

 Fashion Union Stacey Floral Dress in Grey
I love this dress!! 
I can seriously sleep with this dress because the quality is sooo soft! ♥

Mother's Day is around the corner and dilemmas what to buy for your mom? 
No worries, Pink N' Proper organized a Mother's Day Giveaway and they collaborated with me for my lovely readers to win some prizes! :)

I have just posted the giveaway on my Facebook page - is a Like & Share Facebook contest. Click the link

You can save your time and money because you can use this prizes to give to your mom for this Mother's Day! Spread some love! :)

Join Pink N' Proper X Average Angeline Mother's Day giveaway! 
Good Luck! ♥


  1. I knew that it was you when i browsed through Pink N Proper's website,i was about to ask you about this too haha lol :P



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