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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Etude House BFF Party @ Korea Plaza

Hello loveliess!! As I've promised about posting this blog post and in 5 hours time I will be at Penang! :) 
Oh Gosh, I was soooo stressed about the assignment, I'm not worried about the deadline but because I will be back on Tuesday which Monday was the deadline for my assignment. Thank you Joyee for helping me to pass up while I'm not at KL >.< I was expecting of not going to Penang but my dad insisted me to go because he said I should "respect" my ancestors, yup, that's right - Ching Ming.  Okay, let's stop this topic and jump the event! 

In anyways, I got the invitation from Rane  to attend this event, Thank you Mama Rane!! ;D BTW, congratulations on your newly born baby girl!! :D ♥ ♥ ♥

So, I brought over my partner in crime, Carolyn Tay to enjoy the BFF Party organized by Etude House! :)
Carolyn & Me :D
Entrance of Etude House BFF Party
Boys over flowers!! Minhoooooo :D
Super cheap deals they're selling! 5 for RM15? Are you kidding me?! :)
Etude House's latest collection for Sweet Recipe - candylicious all over! 
Oh, and by the way, all invited guests was given a box of Etude House goodies worth RM100! Awesome! :)

There will be few sessions to get pampered! 
Makeup session - I didn't do that cause too many people lining up >,<
Manicure session
Hanbok session - dress up with your favourite Korean traditional outfit! :D
Tons of accessories for you to wear to match your Hanbok! :D

Here's how we look like in Hanbok! ;D
Apparently, I'm too short T-T and that Hanbok I'm wearing is suitable for kids lollll 
But we look nice in Hanbok tho, any resemblance to become a Korean girl? :P
Taken from my iPhone 4 lols
I wore this red shoe during dress up - nice? :)

Next, we headed to the manicure session and before that, the lady helped me massage to moisturize my hands to keep my hands soft before the manicure session. So comfortable, thank you! :)
Finally, manicure time! 
She gave me to choose from dozens of colours and design to choose from! :)
Both of us did French Manicure - from Etude House's Juicy Collection Gradient Graduation Nails! 
Mine in silver & pink for Carolyn's! 
The glitter are just icing on the cake! :)

Here's my favorite part, FOOD!! Who doesn't love Korean food!! 
My tummy started growling because I didn't ate my breakfast =.= 
Yumylicious Kimbap & Tteokbokki!  (Rice Cakes) & also Korean rice drink!

Meet up with few bloggers! 
Nicole Sim (my eyes looks weird here hahahahaha!)
Mama Rane!! 
OOTD of the day! 
Green lace top - H&M
Leather shorts - La'Simone @ HK Station, Sg Wang
Spike black velvet wedge - Parkmaya @ Fahrenheit 88

Also, Pauline Tan & Norahs

Here's the goodies I got! ♥ 
*Pardon me, I blurred the poster behind lol, taken at my mum's shop*
A skincare trial set, blue glitter nail polish, mirror & pink pouch

Behind this slipper - manicure tools 
I also got Touch Touch Shadow liner from Etude House! Oops, if the swatch wasn't obvious because it's something like nude glitter, which is really pretty. :D
The voucher has expired.....damn you brain...

Finally a picture of myself lol
That's all for today! Hope you enjoy reading this post!
Till then! 



  1. That's look fun ! I would love to get those beauty mask ^.^ ! They are the best. I wish we have Korean Cosmetic beauty shops like that in Canada.

    1. Yeap, I agreed with you too! :D I'm pretty sure Canada has Korean Cosmetic beauty shops :D

  2. Great event! They are selling super cheap deals, pampering sesh and nice goodie bag omg envy :3

    1. I like the pampering part :P and hanbok too!

  3. So jelly that you get to go to this kind of event!!! Wished I lived there! Lol. Thanks for blogging about this event.

    1. hahaha! you're welcome! I wish I could go to to States tho hehehe ;P

  4. this girl ah, use my pic then watermark ur name pfft! U OWE ME BIG ONE ! :p



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