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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unboxing Vanity Trove's March 2013 Edition - Temptress Seduction

Hello lovelies!! I just received my Vanity Trove this evening when my mum was shouted from the living room when I was in my room, sleeping lol. She shouted, " your present arrrr!" LOL 

I'm so excited to open what's inside the "beautiful surprises"!! :) 
 Without further ado, let's open the trove!!

Here's what's inside this month's Vanity Trove. 
 Let's start with the card, just to give a glimpse of what are we supposed to get. :) 
I love the design in front. 
 I don't really know what's the meaning of Temptress and I googled the meaning and it says, " a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive" 
Of course, my expectations of beauty products would be sexy and at the same time seductive. 

Here's what's inside the trove! 

Apart from that, I got vouchers from :

  1. Kanebo - 45 mins makeup lesson OR makeover by Kanebo
  2. Asian Potion - 10% discount on a full size Asian Potion Body Lotion / Designer Aromatherapy Candle
  3. Timeless Truth - coupon code for 20% discount on next online purchase
  4. Timeless Truth pamphlet  

#1 Kanebo Skin Fusing Powder Foundation & Smoothing Makeup Base (0.6g)
Actual Price: Casing with sponge @ RM60 and Foundation refill @ RM140 / 10.5g

The Skin Fusing Powder Foundation provides a natural coverage and ensures a shine-free appearance with its SPF 20 PA++ powder formula. Instead of staying as a thick layer of makeup, the foundation blends and melts into your skin when applied. This smoothens any uneven surfaces and gives you a dewy and radiant complexion.   
 The foundation powder includes the sample size of foundation and a small sponge. 

#2 Être Belle ; Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream (5ml) and Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic (2ml) 
Actual Price: Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream (50ml) @ RM188
                   Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic (140ml) @ RM138

The Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic works to soothe and moisturise one's delicate and irritated skin. The Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream protects allergy-prone skin against environmental stresstors and helps to relieve itching and irritation of skin. 
It comes with a little pouch. :)

#3 Timeless Truth TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask @ RM10 per piece (Full size) 

The TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask whitens, brightens and moisturises. Each sheet is stretchable and from-fitting, giving you perfect comfort and full coverage for every application. 

#4 Bio Essence Bird's Nest Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF 15 

Overall view: 
For this month's trove, I'm pretty disappointing with the products that I have gotten because I was hoping they would improve more of their products and I don't really want to elaborate so much and here's my points: 

  • The card stated I will be getting something from Asian Potion and I didn't get any of them except 2 Bio-Essence Bird's Nest which is nowhere from. 
  • The only item that I'm okay with it is the TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask and of course, there's no such thing as sample for mask. If got...*facepalm* 
  • All of the items are not even full sized (mask is not counted) and deluxe samples.
  • Majority of the products are skincare which I'm really not fascinated by it, I prefer cosmetics than skincare products.
  • I was expecting Vanity Trove's theme would be something really black and red like strong perfumes or dark sexy eyeshadows but out of my expectations, I don't think the products suits this month's theme. :(
Even though Vanity Trove sponsored this trove to me BUT I'm being honest here; honesty is the policy. Anyways,thank you Vanity Trove for this month's beauty box. :)

I truly hoped next's month's April Edition - Shower of Summer will gives us better surprises! :)

Price: RM60 

Do check out their Facebook for more updates! 

If you're interested to subscribe, go to   


Disclaimer: This beauty box is provided by Vanity Trove for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 

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