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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unboxing The First debut; Bag of Love

Hello loveliess! Yesterday I have finally received another new beauty box! Well, it's not a box but a bag! It's called the Bag of Love! The bag must be filled with loveee! 
The concept of this beauty box reminds me of Ipsy from USA! 

Anyways, really need to thank  Bag of Love for this box and also for being concern about the shipping process and also being friendly as well, Thank you! xx

Let's get starteddddd! 
 Once I've received the beauty box and I opened took off the plastic package and this is what is look like...
 Easily teared off and not in a good condition BUT even though the box wasn't hard like other beauty boxes out there, the box inside itself has a bag and so, it doesn't bother me & I'm more excited on the contents. :) 
 The pattern of bag itself is so adorable!! The bag reminds me of Victoria Secret which perhaps, the gold tag looks similar with VS. :) LOVE IT. 
 The gold tag makes it so fabulous! 
 Let's unzip and reveal the surprises!! 

 Once I opened, all the products inside is protected with bubble wraps and I love how they protect the bag inside so it wouldn't damage the products, Kudos to Bag of Love! 

Let's take a look at their cards - every beauty boxes has different unique cards to look! :D
Just a small little triangular card - simple and nice 
Here's the list of products and I don't look at the card because I rather be surprised on the products! :)

Let's reveal them!! 

#1 Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomergranate Cleanser - 150ml (RM148)
Use two pumps on damp face, neck and chest. Rinse with water and pat dry. 
Plus, they gave a RM30 gift voucher to shop :)

#2 Revlon Professional Colour Subline Treatment - 200ml (RM88)
Coat hair from roots to tips after shampooing. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse. 

#3 Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire - 50ml (RM248)
Sprit this juicy fragrance on pluse points to sweeten your day. 
It's a vial perfume - first beauty box that has perfume vial (god, finally!!)
Never tried Guerlain before but I love the floral smell which smells classy and sexy! 

#4 Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20/PA+++ - 10.5G (RM140) (Case: RM60 sold separately)
Dab the powder on T-zone, chin and cheeks then blend out. 
Got the same sample from Vanity Trove, wasn't fascinated about it.

#5 Definite Face Blending Brush (Full Size) - RM98
For natural finishing touch, sweep a loose powder over face with this brush. 
Definite is a homegrown brand and this brand is a sole distributor of Victoria Jackson cosmetics! Wow surprised!!

Apart from that I got a one person movie ticket to watch The Host for FREE, so I might be heading to cinema to watch this very soon! 

Overall comment: 
Now I prefer to put my comments on point form so that you could read it easily. :)

  • Love the pattern of the bag and the concept of the whole beauty bag
  • So far, this beauty bag really made my day! Except Lunasol, but it should be fine.
  • Among the products I love the most is Definite Brush & Murad Cleanser! Always wanted to try Murad products. :D
  • So far this is the ONLY BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION that has a BEAUTY BRUSH, love it! 
  • I'm more surprised that they give a FREE movie ticket! Beyond awesome. :D
  • However, shipping process is a bit slow but the delivery man was kind enough to call me if he can send the parcel to me. 
  • Overall, I'm super happy & satisfied with this month's subscription! 

Thank you, Bag of Love for the wonderful surprises! :D 

Do check out their updates on their Facebook 

If you're interested, subscribe at


Disclaimer: This beauty box is provided by Bag of Love for review consideration. Everything was given a honest feedback. 


  1. It's definitely cool: outside and inside.

  2. Everything is so cool!! Love it! <3

  3. Love the Murad lor.. But dunno why everyone is raving over the brush. My RM 10 Elf brush is way softer =/

    1. The Murad one was awesome and I didn't know it was a foam cleanser :O I like the brush because I don't have much brush at home lol

  4. Love it!! Amazing surprises :)
    I am waiting for my beauty box because now "here in Portugal" is out of stock :/

    1. really? I'm sorry :( I guess its coming and could be better too :D

  5. Love it!.
    I´d love to receive it but I don´t think it goes overseas!.
    Great post!.
    Following you on GFC, you can follow back if you like :)
    Gime (From GIG)

    twitter: @Coolrunwaystyle

  6. how cute is that bag! and love the selection of products! xx Donah www.sweetjellybean #GiG

  7. what a cute bag and yey! i was invited to the launch of le petite robe noir in my country and oh wow it's a very very very nice scent!!! (GIG)

  8. a bag of love with movie tickets, it can´t get any better ;) xoxo KJ

  9. Replies
    1. Yup, it feels really like creamy fruity pomergrante :P

  10. Yay! I'm jelly. The bag of love is really a bag of love :)

  11. i love that you get asian products as well....lunasol! wish we had a subscription service that had more international products. boohoo!

    1. I think Glossy Box and Ipsy glam bag looks awesome too! :D

  12. wow!!! i love that bag! it's not available international :( enjoy watching the free movie pass

    - from gig

    1. Maybe soon they will be beauty box companies like this in your country :)

  13. cool, seems like a lot of companies do this right? do you ever get full sized products or just sample sizes? are you enjoying it??


    1. Yes I'm enjoying all of them. :D thank youu

  14. Oh wow thanks for writing a post on this coz i too thought it is exactly like ipsy by Michelle Phan. so this is the first month?

    1. Yes this is their first month and I'm looking forward to their next bag! :D

  15. This bag of love looks simply amazing!!! A lot of great products were in it. :)

    Style Without Limits

  16. they included a brush in it! :O i'm really looking forward to their next bag!

  17. That is such a cute bag :) :) :). And the products look great

  18. Cute bag and the products inside look great. Interested to read your thoughts on the Revlon conditioner. #GIG



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