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Monday, March 25, 2013

Shu Uemura OB Collection Princess Party! @ One Utama

Hello lovelies! I'm pretty sure you will like this post - tons of pastels and pink surrounded in photos and this post will be loaded with tons of pictures too! :) 

I was invited by Tammy to attended her exclusive Shu Uemura's party (Thank you Tammy! xx) and I'm so excited because I can finally had the chance to dress up like a princess haha! Reminds me of little girls wearing fancy princess dress for tea party, haha :P 
 Ob for Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Sakura Collection

 Limited Edition OB Shu Uemura Base Mousse 
*the packaging is super adorbs!!*
  Ob for Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Sakura Collection
 Limited Edition OB Shu Uemura Gentle Cleansing Oil
The bottle is so huge that I think it would last for 2 years! 
 Limited Edition OB Shu Uemura Eye Palette & Lip Rouge 
 love the lilac and pink eyeshadows! 

All guests has treated with yummy treats before the event starts :D Macaroon really fits the them for this event! :P
 I came along with my cousins :)

*taken from Plusizekitten's blog* 

The dress code of this event has 4 different outfits for you to choose from, inspired by OB Princesses: 
  1. The Cherry Blossom Princess
  2. The Moon Princess 
  3. The Forest Princess 
  4. The Ocean Princess

 My cousin chose The Moon Princess which is more into yellow outfit
 I chose the The Cherry Blossom Princess (Pink) and I don't think I look like the OB princess unless I wore a pink wig hehe :P 

The event started with Tammy gave a short speech and also she revealed what's inside the goodie bag which everyone is excited about! Wanna know what's inside? Read till the end of this post :P 

Later, the event did a makeup demo with OB Collection by Lisa Yap, who's apparently won the best makeup artist on STYLO event! :D
 Here's the finished look - can you see the crystals on her lashes? 

 The complete OB Princesses! :D
The Girl wearing Ocean Princess Outfit won the best dressed during the event :D

Now, here's the fun part - there will be a makeup yourself session & canvas bag painting which anyone of us who attended the event had a chance to win Shu Uemura's prizes! 
 My cousin was busying doing makeup on her sister :D
 While I'm busy painting the canvas bag, god it's been awhile that I have never touched the brush after I've graduated from high school! 
 I drew OB Cherry Blossom Princess with some glitters around her :)
*blur pic* 
 We celebrated Tammy birthday with a cake courtesy from Shu Uemura, 
Happy Birthday Tammy! :D 
 Finally a group shot for everyone who came for this pretty event! :)

Not only that, I met some bloggers during the event :D
 Isabel Lee
 Esther Lai 
 Lisa Chow - you remind me of Sailormoon! :D
Mai Sarah 
 We took some Polaroid shots too! :)
 Finally the important person for this event, Tammy Lim and Yours Truly 

 Goodies that I gotten from this event - Shu Uemura's Limited Edition 24 Carat Eyelash Curler & RM20 voucher

Wow, I'm overwhelmed that Shu Uemura is so generous giving each and all of us! :D Thank you! 

Dress: Zara 
Bag: Primak 
Shoes: Some brand from USA
Gold Bracelet: Forever 21
Purple Floral Headband: Accessorize

Hope you enjoyed this post! 


  1. Beautiful pink dress you are wearing. :)

  2. OB Shu Uemura's packaging is really adorable and beautiful. :) Totally different from other brands, which is refreshing.

    1. Agreed and thank you for the compliment :D

  3. love ur dress. i think this is the most beautiful/cute collection ever!
    too bad i have too much work last week, unable to attend and join u all for the fun..

    1. Thank you Jean! :D I love the packaging damn cuteee! :D
      No worries, we could have this event next time :)

  4. Eeeeeks! Every is so cute and pretty and pastel-y! :D And me jelly at the door gift! >_<

    1. No worries there's always next time :D

  5. looking pretty as always :) nice meeting you on that day!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Twice haha!! You're gorgeous too! :)

  6. Lovely dress! Agree with the cleansing oil that can last super long. Worth the money :)

    1. Thank you! :D Yes plus point for pretty packaging too! :)

  7. Love your dress!!! Gotta get my hands on this Ob collection!



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