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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Short getaway to Gold Coast Morib ♥

Hello lovelies! While I'm cracking my head's off while doing my assignment, I will be sharing my pictures during my short trip to Gold Coast Morib with my high school besties! :) 

Honestly, this is my first ever trip with my friends without any adult or parent. I sounded like a child who needs mummy loll. My dad doesn't allowed me to go trip with my friends during my highschool days, not to say he's controlling but he's just worried. But for that day, he allowed me which I'm stoked and excited for this trip and since I have never been to Gold Coast tho. 8D
Taken by Poh Yee :D
We did once wanted to go to Gold Coast Sepang but the accommodation price is just way too pricey from our budget and since Gold Coast Morib had a theme park where we can have some fun :D
Checked-in :D

We stayed an apartment with 2 rooms provided + kitchen + bathroom connected with two rooms + balcony and a living room! :D
 Spot my Snowball? :B
 I love the living room! Nice huge painting on the wall which gives the room a cozy & fresh environment :)
 A lil kitchen with a fridge :) The door on the side is a bedroom for 2 person.
 Balcony - it is better if there's a sea view / theme park view , oh well :)

Since we celebrated Mandy and Erin's birthday and everyone passed the presents to them except me, Y I WILL FORGET TO BRING UGHHHH. 

 Gifts from Hui Sien - that's a Kate eyebrow pencil if you're wondering.
 Gifts from Hui Sien too! :) 
 Gifts from Erin - She's so surprised of what she got haha! Happy Girl! 
 Gift from Poh Yee and lastly I didn't take Mandy's last present but it's a Charles & Keith purse from Poh Yee too! :) 
I got them presents too but I don't know if they liked it or not :/
 Took some snapsnots before heading to the pool! 
 Tickets to Theme Park! 
 I was pretty excited because it's exactly what it looked like from the pictures I saw from the website! :D
 2 super huge long slides!! 
 Oh hey there! :)

 I love Mandy's bathing suit, very vintagy! :)

Apparently, 3 of us went into the pool because one having the 'time of the month' and one was sick :(
 I was kinda shy to wear bikini in front of the public because majority of people swimming are Malays - if you know what I mean...I'm aint racist okay! 
 Let the fun time starts! 
 We had fun and swam around almost an hour until the grey clouds appeared; oh no! :O

Wanted to head to the beach but I don't think is the right time to go there :/ Btw the beach is kinda dirty and that's why you don't see anyone swimming there. 

 Took some polaroids while we were in theme park.

Finally we went back and took a shower and we have some girly time - manicure session by Hui Sien (She's damn good in nail art!)
Erin look so pampering lol
 Erin's nail art - Rainbow with fluffy clouds! 
 Mandy's nail art - Tribal-ish with a cross
Finally, mine - Bananas! (in pajamas?)

Our tummy is growling for food & we headed out for dinner somewhere nearby the hotel - a beach side Chinese restaurant.
 Prawn Salted Egg - OMG DAMN NICE MY GOD lol
 四大天王 (Four Veges in one dish) 
 Mushroom and Crab soup - Yummy! 
 The main dish of the night - Black Pepper Crab! 
I'm the pity one - Allergic to crab T-T (I only ate some sauce to satisfy myself lol)
 Spotted tons of Hermit crabs on the beach! Crawling everywhere >.>

Finally, we headed back and we try out their new KTV service inside the hotel - it's not cheap tho >.< I remembered the price is RM50+ per hour but the songs they provided was the latest songs even Korean songs! So it's fine la :D
 We sneaked in our own alcohol, Martini Champagne! - brought by Mandy :D

 Another bunch of polaroids we took during KTV 

Night is still young! We spend the whole night playing Monopoly Cards! It was a damn good time. 
 We played the card games while munching some snacks and slept at 4am lol

The next day, woke up late and ended up no breakfast for us T-T lol. So, we checked-out & hold our hunger and headed all the way to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh :D
 Is the dish delicious or I'm just too hungry? 
First time tried Dry Bak Kut Teh and it's pretty good but I still prefer the conventional one :)

That's all for this trip - hope you enjoyed reading this post. :)
Do comment if you have visited Gold Coast Morib or any nice places to visit nearby there. :)


  1. Went there last year. Really having a lot of fun over there. Even not much of entertaiment but still a good place for relax :)

    1. Yeah it's pretty relaxing :D Eventho not much entertainment but bring some cards or games to play will kill the boredom :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know right! :D She's damn expert in this!

  3. I saw many group buy website having deals for this resort, seem like not bad wor...

    1. Quite affordable actually but we didn't managed to buy, too late >< :)

  4. actually you can do online reservation. at cheaper rate.. =D

  5. hi,can i know the food pricing for chinese restaurant that u went? how much u spend for dinner?

    1. All of it, it was around almost RM100, i guess the most pricey dish is the crab :)

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