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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Summer Travel Essentials Tips!

Hello lovelies!! I just got back from my weekend holiday trip with my girlfriends and I had so much fun with them! :D

Well, have you wonder how to travel easy especially packing your beauty essentials
I know all of us (girls) can't live without our daily skincare routine and we have tons of steps for just morning or night facial steps from cleanser, toner, up till sunscreen! That is tons of beauty products! Plus, some beauty products are pretty much heavy which is not easy to travel with and I don't think you want to travel with your heavy luggage! :/  

So for today, I gonna show you how to travel your beauty products with travel friendly which is light and easy

For this post, I will be showing you what's in my travel beauty bag and it is unnecessary for you to buy all the products that I have in my bag. However, this post is a 101 guide for you when you're about to travel and certainly can be used for long or short travel. Hopefully this post will give you an idea how to pack your own travel bag! :D

Now, this is your chance to use all your travel size products that you gotten from any samples or beauty boxes! Of course, most of all products are samples but it's so cute and easy to carry with! 
 I have categorize all product from my travel bag from face, hair and body which is easier for you to look which you will think that is pretty easy and simple! 

  1. Clinique 1 to 3 steps skincare - I usually used them especially on my travel and of course, I'm still using my Kiehl's skincare products but those products are pretty heavy for me to travel with and so, I bring these sample which works fine for my skin except my Kiehl's Blemish Control! (needed them badly)
  2. Biore UV Aqua SPF 50+ PA+++ - Sunblock for my face to protect from harmful sunlight and this tube is a sample size product that I've gotten from Biore. 
TIP #2 : If you can't find your perfect travel size skincare, you can simply purchase any small containers that is meant for storing skin care products for travel purposes and you can purchase them in Daiso or any beauty supplies store.


  1. SP Colour Save Shampoo & Mask - Hair products are mostly heavy and it is not easy to travel with and I got these 2 travel-size hair products from my Vanity Trove which is so cute and light to travel! 
  2. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair - Got a bad hair day? Fret not. Bring your hair serums that is light or travel-size to protect your hair from being tangled especially after swimming! 


  1. Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash - I got this mini size body wash from Modbox debut box and it's so light and adorable!! 
  2. Di Palamo Tuscan Rose hand and body lotion - I gotten this travel-size lotion from Vanity Trove too which is my favorite! 
  3. Lady Speed Stick deodorant - Okay, now this is getting very personal... >.> haha Full-size deodorant is fine to travel with because it is meant from travel or non-travel as well and I don't think they have deodorant samples lol! 
  4. Colgate Total toothpaste - You must be wondering why I'm bringing this if the hotels had already provided toothpaste.Well honestly, some hotels doesn't provide them especially budgeted ones and sometimes you may not like the toothpaste that they provide for your stay. I gotten this sample from Colgate like last week that suddenly appear on my letterbox lol
  5. Banana Boat Sport UVA & UVB Sunscreen Lotion - Protect your skin getting burned especially going to swimming or beach during summer! However, this is not a travel-size product because I don't want to spend extra money on sunblock when my house has one and it is not that heavy. Plus, I could share with my family or friends who doesn't bring their sunblock. :)
  6. Burberry Body Perfume vial - Keep too much perfume samples? Now you can travel super light with your perfume samples and also, you could can put that into your handbag while you're travelling or not travelling! 
That's all for my Travel essentials! 

Now let's skip this to my travel makeup bag when you need a makeover while travelling! 

Most of my cosmetics are sample sizes/ travel size which are always come in handy, cute and easy to travel with! A cute small pouch is needed for keeping your cosmetics is a plus point when you can travel wise with style
I'm pretty sure you know most cosmetics here but I will list the ones which are sample sizes

  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion - Gotten this mini primer from my Naked palette and I have the full-size for this product too!
  2. Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream - I gotten this BB cream from recent product exchange and this is a sample size product. 
  3. M.A.C Strobe Cream Hydrantant Lumineux - Known as makeup base and it's so adorable that I gotten this sample from Archie's girls launch!
  4. Clinique Lash Power Mascara - The smallest mascara that I ever seen! I gotten this during the product exchange by Clinique and this little product gives the same result as the full-size ones! 
  5. Clinique Long last Glosswear SPF15 - Cute little lip gloss that I gotten from Clinique beach party and I always love Clinique because they make people's life easier! :D
Full sized products: 
  1. Benefit's Hello Flawless 
  2. NYX roll on shimmer 
  3. Topshop Cream Blush 
  4. M.A.C Concealer 
  5. Cyber Colours silver eyeliner 
  6. KISS ME Heavy Rotation eyebrow powder
  7. Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Eyebrow + highlight pencil = double points for this!
  8. Relvon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake 

I hope this post helps you! And do tell me what kind of travel essentials you bring with? Comment down below! :)



  1. Great post! It's interesting to see what people have in their

    1. yup, everyone has different products on their bag haha :P

  2. Oh gosh.. If I bring that much of stuff, everyone will roll their eyes at me. Especially since I still need to bring my contact lens stuff!

    1. hahahaha well, maybe this post is for people who are really concern and can't live without their daily products :P

  3. That is a whole lot of products for a short travel. I imagine you're not the type that can go on backpacking trips. LOL.

    1. hmmm, you're right haha but for me, I'm being skeptical and concern about myself but anyways, thanks for the honest feedback hehe :P

  4. wow that is a lot of stuff to bring for travel O.O. I always use the hotel's shampoo LOL. And I think only sunscreen and eyeliner are enough for travel liao :X.

    1. actually it's not that heavy to travel with once you have a bag to fit all of them. :) Hotel shampoo always makes my hair worse x.x and I have tons of samples lying around my room & might as well I use them :) haha

  5. wow that's alot still! hahaha I don't really bring shampoo and toothbrush, borrow from friends only :p

    1. Toothbrush can share with your friends? haha :P However, it's optional for you and I'm just sharing my thoughts haha :P



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