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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Join Mr Lens Affiliate Partner & Earn some $$!

Certain times, my friends always envy that I have hazel eyes and I remembered the prefect in high school suspected me wearing contact 

I never wear contact lenses, ever.
But when I was 15, I was gifted by a friend of mine to try on a blue contact lens and I have a very hard time to put them into my eyes. I know you're wondering since you have a perfect eyesight, why wear them? 

Why? Because I wanted to see the difference of me wearing with contact lenses & most girls wearing contact lenses makes their iris bigger = bigger eyes. 

I wanted try again, but the cost of one pair of contact is very pricey & what worries me is the quality of the contact lens! I'm seriously doubting the quality that night market & online stores is selling. Not mention, the case of damaging your eye sight by using bad quality contacts! O.O

Here's the solution to your problem! Now you can buy cheaper contact lenses in low prices! & Earn some $$$!! 
Confessions becoming Mr Lens Affiliate Program

MrLens is e-commerce site that sells quality & reputable contact lenses brand. To name a few Freshlook, Acuvue, Focus Dailies & Soflens. You may find contact lenses for daily, weekly, monthly or colored at an affordable price compared to retail outlets. Free shipping is given for orders to the Klang Valley. Today I would like to share how you can earn money by becoming an affiliate partner with MrLens. It's real easy and all you need to do is install banners & you're done! Piece of cake! 

How to become a Mr Lens Affiliate Partner? 

By becoming an affiliate partner with MrsLens you can start earning $$ via your website, blog or email. Your readers will click the banners which directs them to If they like what they see and make a purchase, you get up to 10% reimbursement of advertising costsEverything else will be handle by MrLens and you can check your affiliate account to see how much you have earned. For more information, click here!

Here's a tutorial how to become Affiliate Partner!! 
 Fill your information details - esp the banking details! 

 get your swift code by clicking find a swift code
then scroll down to search for your bank
You're done!! 
You can always click to see your account overview & 
FOR BLOGGERS: Click banner to install them into your blog/ website! 

Congratulations! Now you can earn some $$ without doing anything!! LOL  Plus, MrLens will be giving away 2 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends (worth RM180) to every blogger who becomes an affiliate & blog about it. 
  • register to become an affiliate & place banner for a month to qualify
  • blog about the affiliate program
  • submit blog post link
  • a redemption code will be given to redeem the reward on MrLens
  • a camera lucky draw at the end of the campaign for a lucky blogger!
Who don't want to win Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k?? 
Join the contest @ Plusizekitten to you might be the lucky winner!! 
Good Luck! 

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