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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Awesome Shopping Experience @ HK Station, Sungai Wang Plaza

Hello lovelies!! Last week I went to Sungai Wang Plaza @ 6th floor or known as HK Station (Hong Kong Station). Unexpectedly, I never expect that 6th floor has changed massively. O.O and as I remembered the last time I've been there is like few years ago?  However,going back there gave lots of sweet memories that I used to came this place for taking little pictures with some little Japanese Photo booths with my high school friends and this place is my favorite place for shopping nice clothes with affordable price, & I'm still loving it up till now! :D

How to go up to Sungai Wang, 6th Floor? 
  1. Take a lift to 6th floor from Yellow Zone or Orange Zone (FYI)

Excited enough, I was invited by Sungai Wang to be the part of their Look Book campaign for photo shooting! Very first time being their model! (okay lah, petite also can be model :P) Weehoo! :B

The best part for this campaign is that there will be 2 photo shoot sessions;

Within the budget of RM 200, I can choose any clothing in any retailer stores! (Now there's a reason to go shopping again muahahaha :p)

I can assure you, picking up a perfect outfit is like picking a husband because there have about more than 100 retail outlets to choose from! Unless I have no limited cash :P That's like a massive shopping spree! They have HUGE RANGE of choices from top to toe too! I tried out tons of different outfits with different retail stores and they have from soft and feminine style to edgy ones, you name it! Shortly said, they have everything in HK Station, like literally! 

The atmosphere is like I'm shopping in Hong Kong! Of course, the place named HK Station lol and I find it amusing with their interior around the place which is unique! :D

 Credits: Google
I thought that was a real train station =,= well played, HK Station. 

OMG I starting to fall in love with this place again! The people at retail stores are super friendly and sweet! They did gave me some fashion advise when I picked out an clothing to try on and did not gave me any awkward moment which I felt more comfortable shopping at here! Not to mention, with super affordable prices! There's one word I can describe, Awesome

So colourfulllll!!

Most of the pictures I grabbed from Carolyn's blog :P
 Picking out the right outfit lol
 Bart Simpson :D
 Behind the scenes - Carolyn in the shoot!
 This is the shop that I chose from the first shoot :D

With Sunshine Kelly and Carolyn Tay
Most of the clothing that I brought are mostly from this retail store, La'Simone. The clothes are just really suits my taste, it's so eye-catching by just looking at the clothes displayed behind me!!

Here's what I got everything from only RM200!! 
My style here is more like a street style look :D

Here's my shots for the photo shoot! :)

Looking bad ass especially the picture on my right haha :P

HK Station has collaborated with all fashion & lifestyle bloggers for making this MY FAVOURITE LOOK app for you to vote!! 

  1. Click this link 
  2. Scroll and click the  on the side of the picture! (click both of my 2 pictures :P) 
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