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Monday, February 4, 2013

Pros & Cons about Dip Dye or Ombre

Hello lovelies! I have been very busy lately helping my mum and doing some shopping and preparation for the Chinese New Year (can't wait to wear new clothes! :D) 

So for today, I will be giving some "advise" or whatever you call just to get to know more about the consequences of dip dye and ombre which is highly requested for most of the girls. Since I have been through a whole journey with my dip dye hair for quite some times approx around 6 months or so? Yes, recently I have decided to chop off my bleached ends and went back to the basic, simply because I need back my healthy hair. So, here we go. :)
1. Dip dye Trend
Current trend for last year's season and I'm pretty sure is still on going for now since I seen getting more people are into dip dye trend which bold and bright colors on their hair. Dip dye trend is probably started on USA and UK which spread across Asia especially us! :) THE COLORS IS REALLY PRETTY ESP PINK & PURPLE    

2. Attractive 
Well I have to say if you want to be attention seeker unique, this might be great for you being the center of attraction. No offence but hey, we do want to be unique and pretty, right? Nowadays, Dip dye or ombre are not a taboo issue anymore and if your parents are the "stereotype" (something like people who did crazy hair are gangsters and stuff) do convince them and update them with hair trends and hey, this trend is kinda mainstream for now. :)

3. Once in a lifetime challenge
Well, I don't really know why I said that but we do need to daring and confident enough to do something that is cray-cray crazy for at least once in a lifetime even though there's few consequences that most of us wouldn't stand for. YOLO HAHAHA :) 

1. Bleaching
If you do wish to have the gradient dip dye effect, we do need to bleach the hair ends for extra striking and bold color on your hair. Especially Asians with black/ brown hair. Yes,  IT DOES HURT YOUR HAIR. 

For dip dye: need 1-2 times of bleaching depending on you
For ombre: need 1-3 times for the blonde effect

2. Hair issues
Bleaching hair could cause our hair to get VERY dry and coarse at the same time which could be a hell of a headache for most of non-virgin hair (weird word to describe LOL) especially after washing your hair whereby your hair gets very tangled and having a tough time getting rid of those tangles. Dry hair would cause split ends, no is DAMAGED SPLIT ENDS. :(

3. The best solution for healthy hair? 
Solution? Chopping the bleached ends. Yes, it is sadly but this is what you want and what you get. :/ I have experienced this just because of wanting something different on my hair. 

Frequently asked questions.
1. Can I do any perm or rebonding treatment after dip dye?
No, you can't. Once it's bleached ; which means your hair ends is damaged and doing any perm would cause your hair to be more fizzy and worse and the only solution is using any heat curler.

2. What's the difference between doing dip dye at saloons and DIY dip dye/ ombre? 
As for me, dealing with chemicals would be preferable to let the professionals to do the job and sometimes things might go wrong or any unexpected expectations like the color dissatisfaction and maybe the bleaching process that had gone wrong.  

Tips to maintain your hair with dip dye

  1. Frequently moisturize your hair with mask or any DIY natural mask and conditioning your hair after shampoo.
  2. Another tip for applying masque: Comb your hair before applying mask. When you're applying the mask onto your hair, try using your nails as "comb" and apply them all the way till the hair ends. 
  3. DO NOT RUB YOUR HAIR WITH TOWEL that would create fizzy hair! Just gently pat your hair with towel that would be fine.
  4. Apply serums or any heat-protecting spray right after you dried your hair with towel.

That is all I know about dip dye and tips and I hope this post would acknowledge you and I hope you like this post. :)

Any questions you could ask me on commenting here or you can pm me on my Facebook page. :)


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  1. Ombre hair very famous in UK

  2. I know it's really damaging to my hair BUT I LIKE THE PINK SOOOO FREAKING MUCH T_____T
    Thanks for this post, it's really helpful for lots of girls (myself included) hehe~ XD

    1. I KNOW RIGHT T-T i say bye bye to my hair ady~
      You're very welcome! Try do more mask and condition your hair! :)

  3. I feel tempted to do dip dye now.. :((((( to try but i duwan damage my hair n cut it shorter!! arghh... thanks for sharing..

    1. I'm so sorry if I disappointed the cons about dip dye >.< but it's okay to try for once in a lifetime tho :)

  4. do you have any recommended saloon to go for dipdye? :)
    i want to DO IT super excited. just haven't found a saloon.

  5. hi, I want to DO IT :p excited but i haven't found a saloon.
    can you recommend any saloon whom you trust to bleach+ dipdye? :)

    1. Hi Danielle, do check out this link:

      Hope it helps! :)



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