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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My date with The Lilac Box! - Feb 2013

Hello lovelies! I have The Lilac Box in my hands! muahahaha :P

This is The Lilac Box first beauty box! 
I'm not sure if you have read my older post about my blind date  and this is my blind date for Valentine's Day (forever alone, jk!) and let's see what The Lilac Box gives. I hope my blind date impress me :P 
The box itself is secure with cardboard to protect the box itself which I find it unique from other beauty boxes. :)
The box itself is pretty simple with a purple polka dot ribbon with a sticker that says, "I got you The Lilac Box"

On top of the box, there's a note..
The theme itself is Lilac which is everything Lilac from the ribbon, to the paper itself. :)
I love this colour btw :D

Let's reveal!! 

Here's what's inside the box!
 Very eye-catching products that I love on first sight! :)
First impression, I can see tons of deluxe product which I'm happy about!
Total of 6 products which is pretty good :D

A letter with hearts and a lilac card from the The Lilac Box.

 #1 Decléor Paris Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk & Decléor Paris Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion @ both in 10ml
I have heard about this brand but never got to know more about this brand and I find the travel size packaging is pretty cute with a clear pouch. Plus, there's a voucher from Decléor - Signature Aromaplasty Facial @ RM98 :) 

#2 MaxFactor Limited Edition Nailfinity in Boji @ 4ml 
Finally a nail polish on a beauty box! I love collecting nail polish and I have never try a nail polish from Max Factor and the colour itself is more like grey-ish purple mud colour and I think this nail polish is not in full-sized product. Will try it soon :D

#3 Kérastase Resistance Rinse-Out Treatment @ 75ml & Kérastase Resistance Reconstructing Shampoo @ 80ml
I'm not really excited about haircare products and I'll usually keep them aside for travelling purposes or I'm out of shampoo. However, Kérastase is a great product to try on because this brand is from L'oreal, and definitely will help to repair damaged hair. This is a deluxe size product. 
 The box included a RM50 voucher from Centro Hair Saloon which I think I will pass it to someone who needed a hair makeover. :)

#4 Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion @ 30ml
The packaging itself is pretty attractive with gold colour box with a tiger stripe and the scent itself is pretty strong, very mature scent and sexy . FYI, Roberto Cavalli is a famous designer brand and I could guess this must be a pricey product. The lotion is really light but this lotion I will only use for special occasions. 

#5 Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base @1ml x 4 pieces 
Okay, the name itself "Burberry" is a famous luxury brand and of course, there's something for me to try on and I just don't like the fact it is in sachet samples because I can mess the sachets around my room but it is easily disposable tho. >.< 
 The packaging itself is really classy which reminds me of Chanel samples. 

I didn't expected such great goodies inside the box and what I like the most is the MaxFactor nail polish and Roberto Cavalli Lotion because of the luxury brand itself. However, the other products was pretty impressive too. I would try the Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow when I'm out of makeup base. As for haircare, I will keep it aside for travelling  and for skincare, I'm might give it to my friend because I'm really concern about my skin. :)

My recommendations: 
It would be great if they stated a list of products with the price so we wouldn't miss out what's inside the box. Plus, I'm really curious how much is Roberto Cavalli lotion lol 

Price: RM35 including delivery 

Will I subscribe? 
The price itself is pretty reasonable and they included tons of premium brand and I think I will give it a try for next month's subscription. :D

Do check out their Facebook for more updates! 

If you're interested to subscribe go to

Thank you The Lilac Box for sending my blind date! LOL 

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