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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm back!! :D

Hello lovelies!! It's been a week that I have been missing from the blogging world and I have been travelling during the chinese new year season and it has been a fruitful week for me that I could enjoy with my family. :D It's like a tradition for us to travel every year especially during Chinese new year; travelling while visiting my grandparents. 

No worries lovelies, I will be catching up my blog posts on my recent beauty box reviews and events that I have not posted yet but very soon. :) 
Plus, I will be blogging some of my travelling journey to 2 destinations; Cameron Highlands and my favorite place; Penang! 
Plus, if you haven't follow me on Instagram: I have posted my OOTD posts there and do check it out! Also, I will be recap them very soon in another post! :)

Here's a sneak peek for my CNY holidays! 
 Ps: I have been missing my classes too! :/

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Out of topic; I would have some few words. 

Blogging is something what I love to do and I'm truly passionate with. However, I always hope my passion would inspire people out there who is reading my blog- my lovely readers. 


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