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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013: January Favorites!

Hello lovelies! I probably guess it's time for my January favorites and I apologize for not doing December favorites because my November favorites are also my December favorites LOL. 

Here's my favorites of the month! 

1. RALPH BY RALPH LAUREN perfume - I've totally fall for this refreshing scent that I love which reminds me of beachy waves which doesn't even relevant with it. HAHA! I would usually wear it on casual outings and also before I went to sleep. Weird?  I got the tip from Michelle Phan and what it does gives a pleasant scent for you to sleep comfortably and deeply in your dreams and when you wake up the next day you would smell it all over you! :D

2. Senka Perfect Whip Foam - Great product, gives tons of foams and I'm always feeling refreshed every time I cleansed my face!! Read my review here.

3. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair - This hair serum is something I can't loose now, it does helps my hair to moisturize and repairs dry ends and gives a soft and silky ends especially I've bleached them. LOVE IT.

4. Sampar Skin Quenching Mist - My current toner that I loveeee with rosey scent which gives total moisturizing and smooth and supple skin! :D Read my review here.

5. Palmer's Shea Butter Formula -  The only body lotion that I don't feel sticky and oily! This body lotion gives me full moisturizing on my body which I apply it everyday.

6. Senka Hoshitsu Lotion Fresh - This product truly helps to minimize my pores on my face and gives more hydration on my skin as you know our face needs a big gulp of water everyday! :) Read my review here.  

7. Eyelid tapes - I don't really know much about the eyelid tape until my mum once brought it from a store and talk about it and there's when I tried and I can't stop using them. My eyelids are pretty weird to be honest, where the left side of my eye is more like a monolids (which means the eyelids is under the eye like Koreans) So, the only solution to balance my eyes is by using eyelid tapes. FYI, I brought it from some beauty supplier store but you could get at any beauty stores available. :)

8. Nixoderm - Recently, I have some breakouts on my face because of my menses and I was super worried and I have no solution to solve it until I found this on my drawer which I've used to apply them on my cuts and rashes since I was little. Until I saw at the case stated, it can used as a pimple cream and so I give it a try and the next day, my pimples reduced a lot and some of my small acne faded away and I was so happy and surprised about this product. Do not judge the book by its cover!!

9. L'oreal Paris Lucentmagique BB cream - My current Favorite about this BB cream which it does give full coverage on my face and also I felt lighter and natural like I have not applying any BB cream! :O Although once you applied the cream, it gives a white residue which are the capsules that would transform into skin tone on your face.  Isn't that amazing? One tube that suits any skin tone!! FYI, this is a sample size and I'm looking forward to buy the full size product!

10. Bloop Yellow Nail Polish (H190) - January, the beginning of 2013 which I needed some bright and bold color for my nails and so, I used this yellow nail polish that I brought at Factory Outlet for only RM7 which is really cheap! However, It does need a few coats to make the color opaque.
That's all for my long review on each product! 


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  1. Thinking of trying the Nixoderm :)

    1. It works for me but I guess it works for any skin types tho :)



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