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Monday, January 7, 2013

The new revolution of L'Oreal Professionnel SteamPod

Hello lovelies! L'oreal Professionnel had been launching their new revolution and for the very first time, they invented a new technology which you can look fabulous without damaging your hair. L'oreal Professional SteamPod has launched in Malaysia last year which is few months ago. FYI, they collaborated with Rowenta, which is famously known for household appliances and also manufacturer to create the heat styling tool with the highest quality.
Source from here.
What makes this heat styling so unique is that it uses a high pressure of steam by using the SteamPod which looks like a flat straightener iron but it does uses the heat to straighten and smoothed your hair and which gives your hair shine and glossy. Plus, it doesn't damage your hair comparing the normal flat iron. 

I have a great opportunity to try on for the first time. Thanks to Hair Now Beauty Centre to let me try on this new technology. (ok lah, you guys know this saloon is my mum' yeah lol) 
William from L'oreal Malaysia will be doing my hair for this session.
Thank you William! 

Brace yourselves for blurry pictures because I forgotten to bring my camera. (>.<) 
All photos is taken from my iPhone. 
 Here's what SteamPod looks like(close up)
(From left; X-Tenso Care Shampoo - Straight & X-Tenso Care Pre Treatment)

First step is cleanse my hair by using X-Tenso care Nutri-Reconstructor shampoo with anti-dryness action gently cleans straightened or relaxed hair respecting the fiber integrity. It contains Pro-Keratin+ Incell a fusion of two reconstructive technologies for the hair that brings lipids and amino acids, essential components of the fiber. Associated with botanical extract the formula recharges depleted moisture levels and controls volume.

Later, he applied X-Tenso Care Pre Treatment which is ultra protective for preparation for smoothing with the straightener.  

Well, I've requested William not to straighten my hair too straight but instead straighten my hair naturally; with a curve on the ends.
Because my hair had been bleached and dye for several times, and seriously I do need this treatment badly. >.< Here's are the before and after result on my hair.
My hair is really frizzy and weak before and after William straighten my hair, my hair is smooth which gives a flawless finish and it feels totally different! It helps to re-build my hair and it is definitely a 360 degrees transformation!

Soon, he applied X-tenso Moisturist Masque for intense smoothing masque for straightened hair. Leave it for 10 mins under the treatment steamer and later he rinsed my hair and towel dry my hair.

 While he's applying the masque. 

Later, he applied L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod Replenishing Smoothing Cream for normal to slightly sensitized hair and L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod Protective Smoothing Serum for protecting extremely damaged hair. The cream texture is pretty thick and heavy and also greasy which keeps my hair for more protection and hydration. 

For Replenishing Smoothing Cream, there's two types;
one is for normal to slightly sensitized hair and another one is medium to highly sensitized hair. 

After applying the creams, he straighten my hair again BUT for me, he curled my hair by using the same SteamPod straightener. 
 My weird eyes x.x

Finally, done! He did huge curls for my hair!! :D
 My hair is so glossy and I feel sassy! :P

Here's the overall result for my hair.
 William did for my mum too! :)
My mum has weak and thin hair condition because of aging but with SteamPod it does helped her hair to strengthen and prevents her hair from dryness and breakage.
Final result.

FYI, I was advised that the style can holds a few washes after doing SteamPod Treatment. Isn't great? 

Why I love L'oreal Professionnel SteamPod treatment?
  1. No pungent chemical smell like the regular rebonding service
  2. No pain (while pulling) during rebonding sessions
  3. Gives glossy and flawless finish on my hair 
  4. Great detangling effect and repairs my hair
  5. The style stays for few washes (approz 4-5 washes)

Here's a clip about L'Oreal Professionnel SteamPod. 

Come and experience the new revolution! 
Call for booking now! :D

Hair Now Beauty Centre 
34, Jalan Manis, 
Taman Segar, 56100
Cheras. Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 03-9130 2611

(Call Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm, including public holidays)


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  1. Woah, so awesome!! :D Your hair looks really good after the treatment!
    Does it really stay that long, even after a few washes? O_O

    1. Well, yeah it is but for people who have extremely damaged hair can only holds 2-3 washes. >.<

  2. angeline, is it a treatment? or rebonding? :P
    seriously wanna try it out <3

    1. There's two types of treatments: 1. SteamBond - the one I'm doing and 2.SteamCare - more like a treatment :)

  3. hi
    i have applied l'oreal x-tenso smoothening cream , and i have washed my hair with dove shampoo. after one week means now i am feeling bad from roots i am feeling artificial curly . how can i get my previous look , please suggest me

    1. Hello Praveena, I was wondering if your previous hair is naturally straight?

      I think it could possibly the shampoo chemical reacted after you applied the soothing cream and what I suggest is that is better to consult your hairstylist or if you really want your hair back, is better to go for rebonding and just to tell you that this treatment is not permanent.



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