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Friday, January 11, 2013

SHILLS; The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care Launch @ Garden, MidValley

Hello lovelies! Last week, I went to Shills The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care Launch and it was full with pink, pink, pink! 

I was wondering if you have heard of Shills
If you have tuned in a Taiwanese show, 'Ladies First' 女人我最大 , you probably would know this particular brand. 

SHILLS is a Taiwanese well-known skincare and cosmetic brand which popularity among 
Asians are pretty overwhelming especially in Malaysia.The popularity of demand is pretty high in Malaysia consumer, Shills decided to sell their products in Malaysia which ShillsAnosa & Dot Dot comes along.

The event started at 3pm and I've invited Carolyn to come over the launch event to witness the product launching of Shills. The venue of the event is pretty great because the place itself is pretty nice with soft vintage themed cafe which bloggers and medias gathered at Gardens Lifestyle Store and Cafe, Midvalley
The event was full with bloggers wearing pink outfits which the theme of the launch is Pink, which the name of the event is obviously stated the word, 'Rose'. :) 
Me & Carolyn
Polaroid photos taken! :D
Presentation of the Shills new products is pretty pink and floral!  
Shills new range of skin care product of 2013, The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care 
The key ingredient of this product is Damascus Rose, the purest essential oil that cultivated for the production from the precious rose species that fine grows at Bulgaria Mountain which is located at Southeastern Europe.  
Preserving the natural rose, SHILLS determined not to add any chemicals and artificial during the distillation of rose essential oil from rose petals! Rose essential oil has an exceptional quality and distinctive floral, aromatic scent which help to calmness and feeling romantic. This is why the products so rich and perfumed of rose oil essentials! 

The secret formula of Damascus Rose is restoring the youthful beauty while maintain the skin moisture and hydration to ensure a velvety and healthy complexion glow of the skin. 

How precious of Rose Essential Oil? 
Extracting 1kg of rose essential oil, 4000kg of fresh rose petals were taken in the production.

The event started with a crowd of bloggers surrounding the stage while 2 girls were dancing gracefully before the launch of SHILLS. 
The event were started with emcee explaining SHILLS new product launching for 2013.
Eva, the facial specialist of SHILLS demonstrated the proper ways to apply Bulgaria Rose skincare product. 

Honestly, I was wayyyyyy behind and I was kinda clueless of the whole presentation because I'm short wtf. But at least I knew more about the products thanks to SHILLS staff for their friendly approach that I could try some of their products. Kudos to them! :D

SHILLS The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care consists of 9 products in total. 
1. Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier - RM79/250ml
5 in 1 cleanser that can be used as make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and sebum controller (All skin types) 
2. Rose Essential Cleansing Gel - RM79/ 100ml 
2 in 1 make-up remover and cleansing gel that removes impurities with a dewy moist skin finish after cleansing
3. Rose Essential Hydrating Toner - RM59/ 250ml 
Quench your skin thirst and allure the loved ones with its delicate rose aroma that leaves a velvety finish with healthy complexion glow. 
4. Rose Luxury Essence - RM99/ 30ml 
Improving dull-looking skin and slows down aging to maintain your skin fully hydrated all day!

5. Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream - RM99/50ml
Improves skin moisture and elasticity while inhibits the formulation of Merlanin and uneven skin tone.

6. Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream - RM99/50ml 
Soothes your skin after a long hectic day which the rose essence molecules penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to moisturize and soothe fatigue. 

7. Rose Petal Jelly Mask - RM99/70ml 
Hydrates and soothes skin fatigue that ensure your skin suppleness and controls sebum secretion. (It is edible! o.o) 
8. Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream - RM118/20ml 
Ease away eye puffiness and dark circles which form a pair of radiant and glowing eyes with more radiant and glowing youth! 
9. Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask - RM99/ 10 pairs 
Reduce eye puffiness and gives twice effect of hydration to your skin! Supplies skin with sufficient nutrients that effectively reduce fine lines and brighten the skin around the eyes!
After the event, we enjoyed buffet table with delicious foods like sandwiches, spring rolls, tarts and bread pudding with chocolate sauce! OMG IM HUNGRY AND I WANT TO EAT NOW LOL 

Anyways, It was a great pleasure to attend this great event with great people and had a good time meeting with friendly bloggers. :D *sorry ya, I iz very shy lol* 
SHILLS is generous enough to give us some goodies to bring home especially the full size product of Hydrating Toner! Now I can try Shills newly launched product to try! Thank you SHILLS! 
I'm looking forward to buy their products because SHILLS are currently having 20% discount for newly launched products!! Pamper and beautify yourself with their new products before coming Chinese New Year! 

Here's a list where you could purchase SHILLS products near you: 

  • All SASA shops
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Stardust Studio Fahrenheit 88
  • Aeon Rawang 
  • Penang Queensbay Mall 
  • Tesco Kepong Village Mall
  • Dataran Pahlawan Malacca
  • Aeon Big Rivercity 
  • Sutera Mall Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru City Square

For more information look into their websites:

Disclamier: Credits to SHILLS photographer for most of the pictures. 


  1. Lovely event wasn't it? Too bad we didn't have a chance to take picture together :)


    1. It was sooo pink :D The food is so nais too! It's okay there's always next time and we see each other almost everyday LOL :P

  2. Liz was indeed very shy =P Again, nice to meet you and Carolyn =D



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