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Monday, January 21, 2013

Get Moisture with Senka Hoshitsu Lotion Fresh!

Hello lovelies! If you haven't have read my Senka Perfect Whip foam review, do take a look before reading at this post. Plus, I've attended Shiseido's Senka preview event before I get my hands to tried them, do look at it what's happening during the event. :)

After I've cleansed my face with Perfect Whip foam, the next step which is pretty important for our skin which is hydration and without hydration, our skin will turns dry like a desert O.O

What I just need is Senka Hoshitsu Lotion in Fresh! 
Previously, I hate using moisturizer because of the heavy texture of other brands of moisturizers which makes my face oily and certain times, acne popping out my face. :(

When I got to know about this product and I've tired them on my hands during the event and that moment, I was keen to know more about this product and Thanks to Shiseido, I got to try Senka Hoshitsu Lotion Fresh and it is for normal to oily skin which is suitable for my combination skin! :D 
Hoshitsu Lotions are developed with the Micro-Moisture Manufacturing process which shrinks hydrating elements down to the micro level to provide creamy moisturizing and hydration capabilities. #FACT

What does Hoshitsu Lotion do for your skin? 

  • Infuse skin with more hydration for allow better absorption
  • No sticky residue on skin 
  • Give a smooth and dewy feeling on skin  

The Hoshitsu Lotion wasn't sticky texture but not-so-watery at the same time. I don't really how to explain the texture and I hope you get my idea. It is fragrance free and also no artificial colours. Because the lotion contains Double Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly GL (this explains the texture) which gives you hydration and also smooth and dewy skin! 
I took this picture right after I've cleanse my face then I pour a 20 cent amount of lotion and rub the lotion between my hands, then I start applying on my face! :D
What I like about this lotion is that the lotion dries pretty quick which you can feel your skin smooth and supple instantly and could give you a bouncy feeling like 'boink boink'. HAHA :P
Here's the results after I have tried about after 2 weeks :D 
My pores on my cheeks (next to my nose) was visibly smaller than previous which I'm pretty happy about my skin! :D New breakthrough!! 
It also gives a little fairer on my skin too HEHEHEHEHE :D

If you're wondering does this helps my acne? Well honestly not really but it does help fading some acne scars and if there's any fresh baked acne popped out, probably is menses or known as every period of the month LOL!  

TIP I heard from most bloggers: You can use this lotion as a mask by soaking some cotton pads or face mask, for extra moisture!

Here's some SENKA Hoshitsu Moisturizing Range!
From left to right; 

  • Hoshitsu Lotion Moist (RM39.90) - for normal to dry skin
  • Hoshitsu Lotion Fresh (RM39.90) - for normal to oily skin (the one I'm currently using)
  • Hoshitsu Emulsion (RM39.90) - more creamy moisturizer 

Here's another SENKA Whitening range
 For whitening and prevents freckles and spots!

From left to right; 

  • Whitening Lotion Light (RM39.90) 
  • Whitening Lotion Rich (RM39.90)

Finally, Senka's Suncare range! 
Formulated sunscreens which is easily absorbed without any white residue and maintain a silky-smooth finish on skin. They are fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, allergy-tested and no artificial colours

Blue bottle is Mineral Perfect UV SPF 50+++ 
White Bottle is Mineral Pure UV SPF 27 PA+++
Both are RM39.90 each. 

You can purchased them on Watsons stores!

For more info visi 
 Get more updates and promotions at Senka Malaysia Facebook Page!

DisclaimerThis product was given to me for product review. Everything was given on honest feedback. 


  1. Hmm... So tempted to buy now after seeing the before and after effects on it. And your skin looks Brigitte too!

  2. Yeah but it can't help my dark circles tho, if you want to brighten your skin, try the whitening range :D



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