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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cheap haul! ♥♥

Hello lovelies! Recently hadn't been sleeping much lately that I'm frequently been up during 3-4 am and it did occurred that I have insomnia after one night I tried to sleep early which I'm struggling and my mum got very upset and kinda restrict me not to use any
gadgets at home and sleep early. >.< "

Anyways, this week I won a FREE RM50 voucher from Daphne Charice's giveaway blog about which I'm pretty excited about because all of the things there is soooooo freaking cheap. wow seriously. 
Well, I like to share with you guys about cheap stuff and freebies because sharing is caring right? 
 Every time I went to, I felt like doing this meme....
I've purchased the stuff that I wanted and used up RM52 which I'm paying only RM 2 :p
After payment and stuff, the package came on Saturday which everyone know is not working day and I'm only waited for 1 day and the parcel sent in front of my house today! awesomee! :D

This is what I got :DDD
I've gotten myself a Black sleeves white tee, a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings and combat boots aka Dr.Martens inspired :D

Black sleeves white tee - RM17.80
Eiffel Tower earrings - RM2.30
Combat boots - RM31.90

Eiffel Tower earrings, RM2.30?! SERIOUSLY?
Combat boots, RM31.90?! the most cheapest boots that I have found, ever. :D 

I couldn't believe my eyes and I was like maybe they got mistaken or something but no. o.o It's real!!
Despite the cheap prices given, they included free postage with min purchase for RM48 :D
 Yeah, it came out crooked on parcel and I ended up bend it back to its shape LOL

My happiest purchase of all, Combat boots! WOOTS! Mad happy. 
Plus, it fits perfectly. Yay, can ootd something different :D
The quality of the items I gotten was pretty good which I'm really surprised :O 
Of course, no doubt that it's made from china because everything is made in china LOL!! 
So far, I'm pretty happy and satisfied about my purchase. You guys should totally try and buy some clothes before Chinese New Year in 2 weeks coming up!! :D

That's all! 

Disclaimer: All items are not sponsored and every item that I gotten is a voucher that I won from a giveaway and all opinions are mine.  

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  1. This is so cool! Love ya boots! =)

  2. I love your earings :) awesome deal.. will definately check out the website :) totally love good deals :)

    1. I hope they could create more designs to choose from :D

  3. cheapest earring ever!!!! gonna check out the website woots :D

  4. Oooo love the boots, saw one shoes not boots i like but unable to decide wht size.. Lol

    1. Do measure your feet by using a ruler, there's a table of sizes :)

  5. So depressed cos all the shoes don't have my size lor! =(



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