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Monday, January 21, 2013

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 - Melissa Th'ng

Hello lovelies! I'm not sure if you knew there's Asia's Next Top Model. If you have Astro or Star World Channel, I think you probably know about this TV reality series. I have asked most of my friends about this TV series, and they don't even know this show existed and most of us know is just America's Next Top Model. 

I got to know about this by my classmate talking about a girl from our college representing Malaysia for this reality TV show which makes me got into interest to know more about it because I'm personally love watching America's Next Top Model. BTW, I don't have Astro at home. LOL

Well just to let you know, Asia's Next Top Model is an adaption of the original hit TV series of America's Next Top Model who are created and hosted by Tyra Banks. FYI

Any infos you're interested to know more, I will link their details on blue highlighted and you can go by just click the link. 
There were 13 contestants in total which is 13 countries representing their own country and the show hosted by Nadya Hutagalung
The majority of contestants are mostly Pan-Asians and the only NOT PAN ASIAN THAT I THINK IS (MORE INFO & the official website) *oh ya, correct me if I'm wrong*

  • Melissa Thn'g - Malaysia 
  • Bei Si - China 
  • Kyla Tan - Singapore
  • Aastha - Nepal 
  • Jee Choi - Korea 
  • Filantropi - Indonesia 
  • Trang - Vietnam
  • Rachel - India 
Of course, the title itself said Melissa Th'ng

Here's details about her:
  • 21 years old 
  • 168 cm
  • 54 kg 

People are being judgmental which most people pro-claimed that she is not suitable to be in Asia's Next Top Model because she doesn't have the 'model look'/ the curviest etc etc whatever that doesn't require to be a model? I don't want to say about it because those critics finds me a bit offensive. 

If she's not the model type then, why she can make it to the TOP 13? Of course, there's must have a reason that she could enter into the competition. People who are curvy or short doesn't mean they can't be a model. Pft. =.=
Even better, she made it to TOP 7 in Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1. 

Sometimes, do not judge a book by its cover. Even though she's not the model type but at least she could pull of the look during the photo shoots. Not that I'm defending her just because she's representing Malaysia but I felt that she has great personality and eager to learn even though she has the least experienced among all the girls. I like that attitude. Yes, I admire her personality and being very optimistic at most times. :D 

I won't mention who I like the most or who I dislike because I think all girls in the house are uniquely beautiful in them. Seriously, I like all the girls in Cycle 1. 

Other than this, Personally, I like Nadya because I felt that she has this motherly-like kind of feeling(?) that she do care each and everyone of the girls. (Sorry, don't know how to explain LOL!) Oh and Joey too! I like her personality like Tyra Banks. :D 

To Melissa: Hopefully you could inspire more girls in and out the competition and continue doing what you're passionate for. There's a great future ahead for you. Good Luck! :)  

Anyone who haven't watch Asia's Next Top Model, here's where you can start watching.

Here's some photo shoots that I like through out Asia's Next Top Model. 

That's all. Cheerios! 

Disclaimer: All opinions is only from MYSELF. None of my opinions offend anyone in anyway. 


  1. Replies
    1. I thought she got eliminated already

  2. Yeah, she's eliminated already that's why I wrote TOP 7 :)

  3. At least she outlasted the Singaporean on the show... LOL

  4. Haha, I saw her many times in the campus =D She hosted Mass Comm TV on Youtube if I'm not mistaken. I would say that she's not strong enough compared to other ladies, doesn't mean that she's weak. =)

    No doubt that she's the best student in this cycle!!
    What do you think about Helena? HAHA!

    1. Ohh really? maybe I takde jodoh :P

      Helena arrrr, she's a bit too straightforward and can say she's kinda aggressive with all the girls but she take good shots tho :)



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