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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unboxing Modbox December's Beauty Box!

Hello lovelies! You probably know that more and more beauty boxes are now available in Malaysia. I guess it has been a trend for now and I think we will have a chance to try out more skincare and cosmetic products before buying the actual product that perhaps would not burn your pocket. Wouldn't be great? :D 

Now, there's another new beauty box subscription service just launched recently named Modbox!
Well, I don't think I should explain what is a beauty box subscription because most of us know what is the concept and how it works. :D
If you're pretty new about the subscription service, do check out their website! :) 

So, I was pretty impressed because I've received the parcel right on time when one of the Modbox crew informed me that the beauty box will be arriving on my door step on 12.12.12, and it is finally here! yay! :D 
The beauty box is pretty neat with bubble wrap wrapped (who doesn't love popping bubble wraps?) and the box was quite hard and the good thing is I can reuse this box for other stuff like putting some small pretty little miscellaneous stuff. :D 
Let's unbox this box, shall we? ;D
Tadaaaa! :D
What caught my eye was the super adorable Santa Hat hair clip! Maybe I shall wear this for  Christmas. :) Omg, when I opened the box, it has a very nice floral scent which gives me chills that I was so ecstatic to know what is inside!  
There's a note from Modbox Crews! :D
Well, inside the box there's a card where they mentioned about the cosmetics I'm getting. Oh by the way, this is the December subscription since there's Christmas clips and ribbon. (you know lah) 
Here's a list of beauty products.
Here's some vouchers from Himalaya and Juice Beauty.
I know you guys are awaiting for this; the beauty products! 

1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Sensitive) - 30ml (Actual price: RM195/50ml)
Bask in the luxury of a brighter, glowing complexion with this best-selling, patented at-home peel. It exfoliates and refines to even out skin tone, leaving your skin feeling completely soft and silky.

2. Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer - 7ml (Actual price: RM145/50ml)
Clogged pores, be gone! Packed with organic juices and antioxidants, this is lightweight moisturizer feeds and draws moisture to your skin, all without the weight of oils. 
I heard about this product before and I was pretty interested to try it on. However, I opened and smelled the Green Apple Peel which has a distinct odor and it kinda gives me a pretty bad appealing not to try it on but the word 'organic' says it all. Maybe I will try it, soon? Not sure. 

3. Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo - 100ml (Actual price: RM24.90/400ml) 
Go on a journey of healthier hair with this breakthrough formula, free from parabens, silicone and SLES. This shampoo nourishes roots and strengthens weakened hair to reduce hair fall due to breakage. 

4. Himalaya Honey & Cream Body Wash - 30ml (Actual price: RM22.90/400ml) 
Bring out that soft and supple skin. The herbal formulation, with the nourishment of cream and honey, helps to rejuvenate, moisturize and soothe skin.
I might be trying after I finish my shampoo and cream and honey body wash smells yummyliciousss! :D The bottle is sooooo cuteeeeee! 

5. Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream - 5g (Actual size: RM33.90/15g) 
Get that great dewy look with a slight diamond shimmer finish. The triple-function BB cream gives you medium coverage, complete with UV protection, whitening and moisturizing effects. 
The packaging is really cute with pink polka dots and the tube can attach as a keychain for convenience. Well, my mum used to love this BB cream brand while it was pretty famous few years ago and I still remember the ambassador is Jolin Tsai if I'm not mistaken. :D   

6. LuView Glossy Kiss - RM36.90/3gx2 (Full-size product) 
Dazzle up those lips with this dual colour lip gloss! Whether it's sweet pink or rosy pink, this easy-to-glide lip gloss with moisture-boosting vitamin E is bound to deliver the perfect shine.
Quite excited for this lip gloss even though I have never heard of this product before and this brand is a Korean cosmetic brand as what I seen in the packaging. 
Love the colours especially sweet pink which is nude pink. Rosy pink gives a shimmer glow after applying sweet pink. Here's a swatch on my hand.
Apologize if it wasn't really obvious and the gloss is pretty clear tho especially the sweet pink. >.<

Among all products I'm totally excited the most is BB cream and the lip gloss and I'm pretty impressed that they even stated the actual price for every product. However, not all products I gotten is full-size product except the lip gloss which I'm okay about it. I'm looking forward the January 2013 subscription, so better impressed us with new products and a new year! :D

Price subscription per month: RM19 (This is the most cheapest that I found, so far.)

Will I subscribe again? 
Definitely! Better impressed me for more cosmetics!  

That's all for my review! Thank you Modbox for delivering the goodies! :D

Check out their website and Facebook for more updates!



  1. Ooooh, the Luview lip gloss! I've always wanted to try that. :D

    1. That's my fav thing among all. The colour is really pretty too! :D



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